RAF Crewman in RM CommandoHelo Squadren

dunno if this should be in the FAA OR RM section but

can RAF aircrewman do the AACC and then transfer over to the Commando Helo squadren's?
neather do i , it not the question i was asking danny, so please don't bring the thread down to a pissing compittion batween RAF and RN
Lets be honest if you do AACC it won't really help you change service to be a bootneck on the helicopter squadrons at Yeovilton. Firstly they are Navy Squadrons not RM and they have a mixture of Jack and Royal serving on all the CHF squadrons also the odd pongo who are on exchange tours. If you want to fly with any of the CHF squadrons why don't you see if there is an exchange billet for aircrewman. I think the Navy have a exchange billet with a chinook squadron. So there might be an inroad there ??
The RM don't have any squadrons anymore and all there pilots/aircrew belong to the Navy although they do their own Command courses at Lympstone keeping them within the Corps.


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In my humble opinion Crab air can fcuk right off.

The Naval air service (bless it and everyone that flies with it) are second to none.

They have always gone the extra yard, braved the weather, done the impossible in support of us Marines, fcuking diamonds the lot of them.

The further Crab Air stays away from my heroes the better.
yeah i can't well ******* join up YOUR GREAT ******* NAVY JUST AS AIRCREW can i. before you go on about me a crap crab , cuase i aint one yet
and to be honest even if i was a bloody RAF Aircrew and came across to work with you guy im not the kind of person that would come in and start pissing you of by tearing your way's of doing things apart becuase they are not what i was taught . i would come over and see it as a learning experiance for my self.

and on a side note to my spelling , i had brain damage as a new born due to my heart stopping which has lead me to have dyslexia so i would prefer that you don't make comment about my spelling


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good point Eul0gy,
why would you want to earn the right to call yourself a Senior Rate/Senior NCO, when you could just have it given to you after 20 weeks in the RAF, and labour under the misaprehension that you are indeed a real SGT.


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My spellings spleshial because I'm a biff.

Brain damaged? sounds like you'd be great as aircrew, hell your half qualified already mate. :thumright:


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ok mate, serious head on, and a little bit off topic, but I'm trying to help you out here.

I happen to know a bit about this....Dyslexia isn't caused through "brain damage", it's just a difference in the way that certain parts of the brain are wired up, which results in some people having difficulty in processing certain information, namely the written word. Common indicators are confusion with letters that look similar (p, b and d) for example, and spelling words with the letters in the wrong order.

having looked through your posts, you aren't dyslexic, but your spelling is quite poor. My advice, if you're serious about joining the RAF as Aircrew, you'll have to attend a 3 day board at Cranwell (OASC) where they'll suss out your weak spelling pretty quickly. Attend an adult literacy course or something, or just pay attention to what you write.

If I'm wrong and you do have have dyslexia, another common symptom is a difficulty in judging speed and distance, which will mean that for a loadie, you'll struggle.

finally, this is the wrong forum on which to bullshit, or expect sympaty.

Good luck.

Edited for mong spelling
i have been told by the medical profession that my lack of oxygen during my heart failure as a new born is a direct cuase for my learning difficulties

i would like you to take this up with my doctor and three child pyschologist who have diagnosed me at seperate times in my life with this . if this is wrong then there is something seriously wrong with the NHS service . i am not trying to bullshit people becuase that would get me no where which is not why i asked this question or followed up the jibe about my spelling by saying that i am dsylexic

i completely understand that my condition will seriously hamper my chances and i am seriously considering picking a different route into the forces as i am aware i have very little chance of getting past OASC if i can't spell and can't write decently contructed sentances.

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