RAF Bomber Command to get Memorial

Discussion in 'History' started by shellbackmac, May 15, 2010.

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  1. Glad to hear that Bomber Command are finally going to get a memorial in the centre of London.

    Always been fascinated by their story and how despite odds against survival (55,000 dead from 110,000) being the worst in the British Forces, there was no shortage of volunteers.

    I was watching a documentary on SKY Military History a few weeks back where one of the aircrew told the story of 'Bomber' Harris visiting them before a raid on Berlin. He stood up in the briefing room and told them -


    He says that after hearing this, the entire squadron were so inspired they 'would have flown to Germany without aircraft.'
  2. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It's about time to be honest. There is a lot of contention about what they did during the war, but what's done is done. Interestingly enough, i got speaking to an old boy a few years back who was a navigator in BC. He said they didn't like what they were doing but the end justified the means. Lets not forget that it wasn't just us that were bombing cities. War is hell.
  3. Perhaps now people will, see what bomber command actualy did for this country.As they are at last getting full recgnition of what they did with a monument in london .Also bomber harris can now truly rest in peace and people will rrealise he did what he had to do (probably with a heavy heart he was vilified as well fright up to him dying .They told him what to do he did it then they turned on him even churchill turned on him .Co's in my mind he is up there with dowding where he belongs
  4. Its quite common in the years after wars for the heroes and commanders to be turned upon and vilified. Because often society wants to distancve itself from the experiences of the war and forget it.

    Read that somewhere once. Cant remember where tho,
  5. Heres the link fellas and ladies...


    BZ to Robin Gibb

    Totally agree with everyones comments. Heres a postrcript from a recent book on Bomber Command which sums it up.

    'There is precious little equivocation among those in former occupied countries about why the bomber offensive was fought; the humming of hundreds of Lancasters and Halifaxes heading east over their heads night after night was the sound of hope in a world of darkness, the audible proof that liberation from a terrible tyranny where human life that was not Aryan was worthless, would one day come.' Kevin Wilson
  6. Good drills, but I hope he doesn't feel it gives him the right to sing at the dedication ceremony...

    Totally agree with BR, total war is never going be pretty, the distance (in all senses) between this country and events in Afghanistan give anybody younger than 70 a very skewed version on what living through war is like. This memorial should have been built years ago.

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