RAF Benson: "Merlins to be converted for use at sea"

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. :oops: So is that Just Carrriers, RFAs and Type 23s and Type 45s that can operate Merlins??
  2. Scouse

    What is your interpretation of the bit about converting their Merlins for sea use and transferring them to the RN?

    How will this be done?
  3. Got to be a plus for the Wafus, dont think their will be enough ships and ships flights, to accomadate, for the extra Paraffin pidgeons :roll: :roll: :cry:
  4. True.

    How do you convert a Merlin for sea use? Is this a major undertaking?
  5. is there enough room at culdrose or will the over spill be based at yeovilton?
  6. Presumably they will need stronger landing gear and one of those spikey things that attaches itself to the flight deck grid, otherwise I would've though it is simply a case of painting it grey and writing 'Royal Navy' on the side.
  7. As TC would say " Just like that :wink: http://www.aeroflight.co.uk/types/international/agwest/EH101/RN-988211435f.jpg
  8. That's a point, the Crab Air ones don't have the folding tail or rotors do they? I would've thought this is not a particularly easy thing to retrofit.
  9. They've also had the tiedown points removed to save weight........
  10. I'm really wondering now about 2DD's point.

    How will they retrofit a folding tail?
  11. Angle grinder and a set of hinges from B&Q? :D
  12. The tail pylon itself is essentially the same for all flavours of Merlin, you just (!) need to fit the tail fold locks and motors to the fuselage tail cone. Also need to replace the tension links (bits that hold the main rotor blades onto the rotor head) with ones that fold (Crab ones are different). Also need to fit a FMU (Folding Management Unit) and all the associated controls/displays, wiring and blade/tail fold actuators. Plus the Tail Rotor Drive Shafts will need to be replaced with ones that have a disconnect coupling at the tail pylon break.

    A fairly easy task for AgustaWestland to carry out but it won't come cheap or quick - the Blade/Tail fold system on a Merlin is pretty complex 8O

    My worry is that we can't afford to do the retrofit and end up with an aircraft that can't go down into the hangar - not good from a maintenance perspective :(

    Edited to add :- Tail Fold Beams will also need to be fitted to the tail cone
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  13. This is all part of the "rationalisation" of Naval Helicopters. By 2016 all Sea King will be retired and the only 2 types in front-line FAA service will be Merlin and Wildcat.
  14. Those Merlins are to replace all Junglie cabs in current use and not for sea as the news states.
  15. JK despite their current land-locked tasking, Junglies will have to embark in HM Ships and as such must be able to fold. The traditional role of the Junglie is Amphibious Warfare, it would be very narrow-sighted to think that they won't have to embark ever again.

    This is the kind of worrying stuff that comes out of the mouths of young AETs on Naval Strike Wing who have spent the first 3 years of their Naval career in Afghanistan and have very little idea about what operating aircraft from a ship is all about. It's not their fault - unfortunately the more the FAA moves away from it's primary roles, the more skill-fade we suffer :(
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  16. I never said that when they eventually transfer there would be no possibility, the news cutting stated that they would be transferred to a primarily sea-going role
  17. Ah! Ah! Mr Junglie :roll: You will have to get used to being on a small ships flight, with all the beautys it beholds :lol: Hands to flyling stations, 16 Storm lashings, Tie down, Tail and blade folding, spreading, raising and lowering the nets, and a fresh water wash at the end of night flying. :roll:
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  18. In my looking from the outside in experience this facility is a must!!!!
  19. :wink: In the HANGAR With 16 chain lashings attached, is to be recomended in the South China Sea with "Typhoon Rose" :roll: :roll:

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