RAF at the Edinburgh gay-off- Their own worst enemies

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Montigny_La_Palisse, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. Our friends the Rock Apes.

    Please note the brilliant choice of music which pretty much sums them up "Tragedy" S-Club 7 and Kylie. PMSL!

    Fcuking hermers
  2. Re: RAF at the Royal Tournament- Their own worst enemies

  3. Re: RAF at the Royal Tournament- Their own worst enemies

    Drill wasnt so bad,but your right they are a bunch of hermers and gayers,met this cnut in Jersey once when we were there showing the flag,he was in the Raf regiment,this prick got some elbow from one of the chefs cos he was talking absolute crap when we (the boys) were trying to drink as much ferkin beer as we could in our alloted shore leave, :D
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Re: RAF at the Royal Tournament- Their own worst enemies

    What with saving the world and being point man for the whole of the NATO the raf Regt wouldn't have time for drill practice.
  5. Re: RAF at the Royal Tournament- Their own worst enemies

    Ops, wishful thinking on my behalf there, I was hoping if I keep saying it it'll come back. :(
  6. Well I was impressed, apart from the fact they can't swing their arms (watch the primates at Paington zoo, they can't either), as NZB said, not once did they shout "barrier up...barrier down"
  7. Trewlawney spent a week drilling them ;) Are you suggesting matelots cannot march properly o_O

    Shocked of the Foreign Office
  8. Of course matelots can march properly, it's the other armed forces that can't :wink:
  9. That wasn't "tragedy" Steps,that was"tragedy" bee gees, there's a difference.
    And if my memory serves me right,i recall the tune of "The circle of life" Lion King! being played by the band at me passing out. :evil:

    RN just as bad!
  10. I didn't say it was by steps you clam discharge. I said it was tragedy and Kylie and S-Club 7.

    And I'm not convinced you have even had a passing out of any kind you dribbling spaz.
  11. A little known fact is this ...

    the Bandmaster of the RM Band at HMS Raleigh always asks the instructors how gay they think each passing out class is, and the music that is played reflects the 'gayness' of each passing out class (the music is all passed by the class instructors), its true, and it would seem that your passing out class must have been uber harry von turbo gay if you had that tune played at your passing out.

    Just an observation!! :wink:[/quote]

    How dare you sir,how dare you insult my class! We had character!! Yes maybe the whole division was close to not getting guard,but people smilled whenever we marched past,and yes maybe at one point we did have to go round the parade ground some 20 odd times,and someone did happen to call us worse class ever,managed to tick-tock our way past scran on a few occasions(on our way to scran),didn't know what to do when we saw a stop sign(usually got cut into two groups going in two different directions),got lost in raleigh(the whole class),complained about anything and everything,and maybe half the class did refused to get into the water at pier sellers because someone spotted a starfish.But we were FABULOUS. Our DI just happen to be a big Disney fan!! Nuff said!

    P.s We kicked ass!
  12. So i'm guessing you're a PO of some sort,probably an AC.
    And maybe working at Raleigh. :?:
    Got an idea of what you might look like and and probably still in ya early 30's well if i happen to run into you at raleigh or where ever,be sure that i will try to introduce myself PO,as the one you said deserved to die or should be killed,well one of them two in previous posts. [email protected] i'll talk to who ever i want to and i don't have to prove anything to anyone!I never said i was in the Navy you self-obsessed... :roll:

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