RAF Airman denied cancer drug

Discussion in 'Charity' started by Bluntend, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. Hello All.

    I haven't posted on Rumration before because I'm not RN but RAF, well ex RAF now RNZAF. Over on e-goat as well as PPRUNE and ARRSE there is a collection going for an RAF Cpl Nick Lock. Basically, he's been denied treatment to fight cancer, effectively because of the area in which he lives. If he lived soemwhere else, he'd get the treatment but sadly for Nick, his local NHS trust is refusing to stump up the cash to buy the drugs that could save his life. He's effectively been dealt a death sentence if he can't come up with the cash.

    So, that really is the point of this post. In a few short days a collection has been established and as I mentioned earlier has spread from e-goat out to PPRUNE as well as ARRSE. We've raise over £700 already from people who have donated cash over the website and are really optimistic that we can make a difference. But we do need all the help we can get. The attitude displayed by our friends over at ARRSE is that at times like this, all inter service rivalry goes out of the window (sorry, port hole) and everyone stands together. So, if you have the time, please check out the links below - they give a far better picture of the situation Nick is in. And if you have the money to spare, we'd really like to have it.

    Thanks for your time, and hopefully a few quid.





  2. Already posted this on another thread but apart from me no one else has looked......

  3. Oh well, we'll see if we get any response here.

  4. I know someone else this happened to and they got their MP to work on it, with success.
    Surely there has to be some Human Rights issue about someone being denied possibly life saving treatment on cost grounds.
    I wish you good luck and to hell with inter-service rivalry.
  5. Thanks for the links Bluntend...and good luck.
  6. Problem with sad events like this is the clock is ticking away as you fight your case.

    Would he get treatment if say he was in prison??? All the legal aid toe rags would be fighting his case pronto I am a thinking.

    This is not unique to the UK another the haves and the have nots episode.

    My sis in law was sat in a chair for four hours waiting for a ambulance to transfer her to another hospital. After being diagnosed with a tumour. Firstly it was irritable bowel syndrome according to her comic of a doctor.

    Yet we have piss head drugged up celebs being rushed to private hospitals. Exclusive photos!

    Where is that petition lets hope we can make some impact for the poor soul.
  7. :pukel: :w00t:

    Your so fxxxxxxg right mate , makes me sick how they appear in magazines and later held up as celebs who the younger generation look up to
  8. Hi Guys, thanks for the feedback and words of support.

    For info, this is a letter recently sent to e-goat from Nick. It explains his situation way better than I could but also explains why we need your help. Any donations of any size you can make will be greatly appreciated.

  9. Blatent plug here from E-Goat..

    We've already raised just short of £900 to help Nick still a long way off from the £15000 needed to give him the treatment privately.

    If any of you guys fancy chucking a tenner (any amount will help though) in to help - E-Goat have set up a PayPal account...

    Here's the link - http://www.e-goat.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=6461
  10. BUMP - just to keep this in the public eye
  11. And another little bump.

    I'm sure if it was you in this unfortunate position, you'd want the help of your mates. C'mon guys dig deep.
  12. Just to give this a BUMP, we just got a message of Nick yesterday, have a read and see just what a top lad he is. He's still fighting all the way. If you want to chuck a few quid his way, feel free to use the link earlier in the thread.

    Over to you Nick.

    I'm amazed at what you guys have achieved. It's truly outstanding. Like i've said before, thank you just really doesn't seem enough! I really hope you understand how much this means to me.

    I was well enough to have a couple of days up at Coningsby to visit my boys with my older brother (thanks Skip for driving ) It was fantastic to see everyone and made me remember exactly why i'm fighting this and going to win! Thanks also for the framed Jag picture.. Luckily people have signed this in a fashion where I am able to display it....

    Cheers Moose for taking over the cooking at the BBQ, saving us from Conrad's hot dogs a'la hello Mr toilet seat, where's the damn sink!!!

    Smithy (someone might have to point him this way...) Sorry I didn't make it over on Wednesday morning... I managed to get some pictures taken though. I hope they were what you wanted and you're happy with them.

    a MASSIVE thank you to the guys on BBMF who gave me a donation of £185:00 there and then. A donation from the T-bar and a collection bucket.

    Thanks to Matty and Giles also for running the Coningsby 10K dressed as Tweety Pie and Sylvester.... Warning: I have pictures and video!!!

    JEngO.... Although you look kinda cool now with a freshly shaved head, I never realised it was shaped like a 50p... Thanks for the charity head shave Sir!!!

    As it stands at the moment I have one last chance to apply for this drug. Due to some new evidence from the Professor who pioneered the drug. If the decision from the Primary Care Trust (PCT) is a negative one, that's when i'll need to look into going private. Until then i'm trying to make my case as high profile as I can amongst the media and newspapers, also my MP has written to the PCT. When i've exhausted all of my resources in this field is when i'll put my application in. It's looking like it will be very soon.

    Well.. Here come those words again... Thanks, thanks, thanks.... How many more times could I type them? 5 little letters that form one little word that means the absolute world...

    Take care and stay safe, Nick.

    PS: I tried to get you E-goaters some praise in the press/RAF News and on the radio (LincsFM), but they wouldn't specifically mention you, but you know who you are
  13. Just to give this a bump.

    E-Goat has now raised over £1700 to help Nick. The unofficial total so far of all the fund raising efforts is now in the region of £7000.

    Thanks to the guys from here who've donated. Those that haven't - please dig deep and help us save a mate.
  14. E-Goat has now raised a fantastic £23040 for the Nick Lock fund and has just started its on line auction, see here

    There's only a few items there at the moment, but more will be added over the next few days.
  15. RIP Nick. Condolances to family and friends.
  16. RIP Nick , thinking of your family at this time , I have a Daughter in the RAF so we are all linked somewhere , Duty Done Mate , Well Done , Stand Easy .

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