RAF Aircraft in Collision

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. Thoughts with family and friends

    Every turn of the shaft is a new adventure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Here's hoping the two missing are recovered safe and swiftly. Can't imagine water temps that far up North are high after the bad weather we have had this year.
  3. Really sad news. Glad at least 2 have been recovered.

    Can't help but wonder if training sorties compressed into fewer live flying hours are that much of an economy. That said, a husband, dad, boyfriend, brother, son is priceless.
  4. Let us hope that in daylight the SAR boys will be successful in finding them, or at least some evidence of what might have gone wrong.
  5. Bad thoughts in my mind seeing the main gate at Lossiemouth on TV. Thinking about our losses all those years ago!! In my world
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  6. They're not.

    It's military aviation.
  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Harsh Monty, harsh.
  8. Not that they're not priceless, that goes without saying.

    I was referring to the statement: "training sorties compressed into fewer flying hours" That is neither true nor relevant.

    Despite the fact that military aviation is by it's nature dangerous, we have a very good record. Again, due to it's nature these things happen. We should not be looking to apportion blame somewhere almost immediately.

    The reasons why will come out in the wash, it's not for us who do not know to try and speculate on causes.

    I spend a lot of time berating our Tonka chums, but my thoughts are with them here.
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  9. Remember many moons ago reading an article in the New Scientist?? by LT/CDR Peter Walwyn an AEO on our squadron. Titled Accidents do Happen!!! About aviation crashes!! to true they do!!!!!
  10. Certainly seems that the loss of the other aircrew has been accepted. The recovered pieces of wreckage could lead to possible causes, and no doubt the underwater search will continue, even as a practical exercise. I have no doubt that many of the ex F.A.A lads have in their time dealt with accidental losses, including mid-air collisions, but it always remains a sad incident, and I am sure we all sympathise with all their squadron and family connections.:blank:
  11. Harsh yes. Factual certainly.

    In military aviation there is no such thing as an exercise, each flight is for real and has many risks attached. The flight is never over until you finish the debrief.
  12. My condolences go out to those affected...
  13. Your quote is certainly not true. I actually wrote
    If you are confident that time in the simulator is as valuable as time in the air (live) towards situational awareness, I'd be interested to know its basis. You may remember RAF pilots’ flight hours axed in MOD cutbacks | The Sun |News|Campaigns|Our Boys OK, it's the Sun and it only referred to Tonka 3s. More recently RAF forced to cut training hours for pilots on new Typhoon jet | UK news | The Guardian , again not specifically mud movers. I think we will find, though, that the Tornado 4 crews have taken their share of reduced flying hours, particularly considering that some machines may be reaching the end of their fatigue life without the money to extend them.

    Reduced flying hours don't just affect aircrews. There are number of other elements that can contribute to collisions in the air.

    Indeed, speculation is pointles (but not illegal) before any inquiry but I doubt any MoD penny pinching will feature in it.
  14. POL. I certainly cannot speak for now, maybe Pontious will pop along and give us the facts.

    When I left in 92 the emphasis was moving over to more simulation. The main players in the simulation world were queuing up to sell there latest Sims to the RN. The main driver was £, no surprise there. Twenty years on it wouldn't surprise me that due to military spending costs time in the simulator will save a bob or two.

    There was a rumour in 92 that a percentage of simulator time could be logged in your flying log. Don't know if that happened - I would like to think not. Simulator time was logged separately.

    As what happened to these aircraft. The AIB will find out and publish it's findings in due course.
  15. Don't believe all you read POL, anyone with access to 1 Group's stats can assure you they are not hanging out for currency nor hours.

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