Radio Operator (General) 1980's - Life as one...

As a callow youth during the early 80's I belonged to the Sea Cadet Corps, 'earned' my squashed moth badge as an cadet radio operator, and was looking forward to joining the RN as a RO. My dad had other ideas, age 16 I was 'told' I was to join the family trade and 'like it', long boring story short, I never joined your ranks.

Thus my question/s... What was life like as a RO (General) back in the day? Was there a streaming exercise to general or tactical RO? what was best at the end of the day?
What was like on board ship? was it stints in the communications room with longer stints chipping and painting (as an old MEM mate suggested...)
Would any former RO(G) do it over again? or would they have gone into another branch?

Apologies if these are bone questions, I'm sat at work bored with too much time to think.


War Hero
Never an RO of any kind, but in minesweepers, stints in the comms room with additional chipping, painting, hauling heavy weights and an occasional dash in a dory/rib seemed to be my oppos' lives. Oh, and being splash target cox'n when required.:D
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