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Radio NoMates


War Hero
I work when lots of don't, but I suspect that there are a few of us who toil through the anti-social
hours and with this in mind - I'd like to welcome all you "Graveyard-Shifters" to *Radio NoMates*.
Sit back, relax - grab a mug of Joe and an Iceland Ready Meal for one and let me entertain you.
Night music is a wonderful thing, so lets launch this brand new Pirate Station with an hour of complete
c-h-i-l-l-l-lllllllllll out and some ear-hole pleasing acoustic guitar work.


Essential Guitar Lounge Vol 1_Amazing Acoustics Chill Out (2013) - YouTube

[More tunez will be added - feel free to link to your favourite easy listening].

Let's groove.

Billy (C.E.O. Radio NoMates)
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War Hero
Not what you would normally call easy listening, But great for blowing away cobwebs at oh my god it's early o'clock.

The KLF - 3 A.M. Eternal - Last Train to Trancentral - YouTube

KLF - Justified and ancient - YouTube

I used to turn to at 0300, so that was a natural one to whack on in the office. Bit of Tammy to follow, but then....turn up to 11

KLF - America What Time is Love - YouTube

Used to love long road trips to the sounds of "The White room", cruising across Arizona at triple digits, night especially.

KLF - The White Room (1991) Full Album - YouTube

"Build a Fire" probably the standout for me
KLF - The White Room (1991) Full Album - YouTube @19:45
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War Hero
Rolling on.

Low level R&B from Ainsley Lister.

Aynsley Lister - Inside Out, Maryport (UK) 2013. - YouTube

When music came on big round black plastic things:-

America - A horse with no name (clip HQ) - YouTube

You're Indian Take-away has just been delivered. Get the plates out. Open a couple of stubbies and listen to something that goes with the meal:-

Anoushka Shankar plays 'Pancham Se Gara' - YouTube

If I found a Magic Lamp and could have one wish, I wish I could make my guitar sound like this:-

Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues (Live) - YouTube
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War Hero
Days are Gone, debut album by American band HAIM, (pronounced hime). Great album, track Don't save me, is awesome! And of course Alex Lester "the dark lord", 2am Radio 2.


War Hero
Mellow minutes

James Taylor & Carole King - You've Got a Friend (HQ) (Uploaded by Tornike Ivanishvili) - YouTube

Bread Make It With You Lyrics - YouTube

forever blue little river band - forever blue - YouTube

Moody Blues - "Nights in White Satin" & LYRICS - YouTube

"Goodnight all"

[A little bit of nostalgia there...]
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