Radio NoMates

I work when lots of don't, but I suspect that there are a few of us who toil through the anti-social
hours and with this in mind - I'd like to welcome all you "Graveyard-Shifters" to *Radio NoMates*.
Sit back, relax - grab a mug of Joe and an Iceland Ready Meal for one and let me entertain you.
Night music is a wonderful thing, so lets launch this brand new Pirate Station with an hour of complete
c-h-i-l-l-l-lllllllllll out and some ear-hole pleasing acoustic guitar work.


Essential Guitar Lounge Vol 1_Amazing Acoustics Chill Out (2013) - YouTube

[More tunez will be added - feel free to link to your favourite easy listening].

Let's groove.

Billy (C.E.O. Radio NoMates)
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Not what you would normally call easy listening, But great for blowing away cobwebs at oh my god it's early o'clock.

The KLF - 3 A.M. Eternal - Last Train to Trancentral - YouTube

KLF - Justified and ancient - YouTube
I used to turn to at 0300, so that was a natural one to whack on in the office. Bit of Tammy to follow, but then....turn up to 11

KLF - America What Time is Love - YouTube

Used to love long road trips to the sounds of "The White room", cruising across Arizona at triple digits, night especially.

KLF - The White Room (1991) Full Album - YouTube

"Build a Fire" probably the standout for me
KLF - The White Room (1991) Full Album - YouTube @19:45
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Rolling on.

Low level R&B from Ainsley Lister.

Aynsley Lister - Inside Out, Maryport (UK) 2013. - YouTube

When music came on big round black plastic things:-

America - A horse with no name (clip HQ) - YouTube

You're Indian Take-away has just been delivered. Get the plates out. Open a couple of stubbies and listen to something that goes with the meal:-

Anoushka Shankar plays 'Pancham Se Gara' - YouTube

If I found a Magic Lamp and could have one wish, I wish I could make my guitar sound like this:-

Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues (Live) - YouTube
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Days are Gone, debut album by American band HAIM, (pronounced hime). Great album, track Don't save me, is awesome! And of course Alex Lester "the dark lord", 2am Radio 2.

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