Radio 4: "Sea Gangsters" - Tuesday 12th April 2011 - On Piracy

Available to listen to here:

BBC iPlayer - The Sea Gangsters

This is the R4 programme referred to in Trelawney's thread:

but I have given it a separate entry to make it more visible, as the programme will only be available to listen to for a limited time.

The programme includes a brief interview with the CO of HMS Cornwall, Commander David Wilkinson, split into two sections, the first starting at 0:17:15 and continuing till 0:26:00 and the second running from 0:30:45 to 0:31:30, should you only want to listen to those bits.

Also included is an interview with Henry Bellingham, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the FCO, in which he is pressed on the question of the UK's contribution of naval assets to the anti-piracy campaign and also on how pirates should be dealt with once caught.

R4's programme description:

BBC - BBC Radio 4 Programmes - The Sea Gangsters

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