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Was the only difference between Type 965 AKE-1 and Type AKE-2 radars that the double antenna gave near real time/continuous updating of air tracks or were there other issues?

How did/would the Leander class frigates fare in the radar-picket role compared to the Battle class destroyer conversions?

Thanks for your time and any info.



Lantern Swinger
From what I remember - and I'm going back to early 1980s - The reason for the double bedstead was to fill in the gaps of the lobe.

This was shaped like the fingers of one hand hence had gaps between the fingers - the double aerial filled these gaps.

As far as the radar picket (piquet??) role - I think that the destroyers were used due to their long range sea to air missiles - leanders only having Seacat.


Thanks for the explanation on the radar.

However the Battle class destoyers had no "long-range sea to air missiles".

As for my second question I answered it myself.


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