Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by percey99, Sep 22, 2006.

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  1. Gloucester police have got it right , Recruit more muslim police officers , I was in Coventry on Tuesday and asked directions from a SIKH policeman , apart from his cap badge not being straight on his turban and greeting me with ALA ALA ALA instead of the traditional HELLO HELLO HELLO he was fine , LOOK AT BIRMINGHAM POLICE they have more white police officers than Black officers HOW RACIST IS THAT ??????
  2. Percy you are a muppet.

    For a start I don't care what church/mosque/synagogue/temple a copper goes to as long as they do their job. Secondly muslims police and military personnel in the UK don't wear turbans. I think if you look that up you will find that it is mainly Sikh's who do that as it is part of the Sikh faith (correct me if I am wrong).

    As far as Gloucestershire police go, well that is just typical as it is mainly white, middle class HR types who do the initial sift in recruitment and you know how PC those stupid sods are.

  3. Anybody see that asian police midget stand by whilst the gobby muslim was having a go at Reid on TV? Sad indeed.
  4. Possibly not the right place to say this, but.

    In NHS we now have to shortlist for an interview without knowing the candidates, sex, age, faith only their qualifications.

    Admittedly for a hospital assistants post recently, I had a peruvian Dental Consultant, a philipino hotel worker, still working in Manilla but, willing to pay for their own Work Permit (they would not let me fly their to interview the person and and their CV was not good enough to call them here for an interview, (that would have been interesting)

    I believe this is how we should select our personnel, MP's, Police etc, whats more the interviews should be conducted blind, ie not see or hear the candidate, Q & A session on computer, then persons employed would be the best candidate, not the most ethical, (Liberals paying extra if women are selected :roll: )
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Conducted blind.....I hope that you are not suggesting that the Blunkett Twat should conduct the interviews 8)
  6. Re the gobby muslim"cleric",he referred to how dare Dr reid go to a "Muslim Area".as far as i am aware there are NO muslim areas in UK.Only parts of towns/cities that have large immigrant/muslim populations.However if we dont stamp on cretins like that bloke we soon will have Muslim Areas!Apparently he isnt unknown to a bit of Police scrutiny in the past,might i suggest a Bum Boat back to The middle east where there are Muslim areas!
  7. Wasn't the "Muslim area" once a solid "Christian area" once?
  8. i dont think people went about loudlty claiming it as such so as to create dischord steve.
  9. I believe that to help the muslim population we should introduce Sharia law. This law to be implicated only for members of the muslim faith.
    Any volunteers to cut the right hand off the ones convicted of theft.?
    Please form an orderly queue outside the NAAFI
  10. Exactly!

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