Race row parents called to meeting

onI was expecting him to be called Ryan or Jordan, but Rocky also screams EBD (Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties).
A good Head will only ask a parent to come into school if a worrying pattern of behaviour is beginning to form. If the schools four and five year olds are expressing the prejudices and attitudes of racist, bigoted and nasty parents the Head must act. It more than likely began with the Head wanting to get the parents to agree that some behaviours are wholly imnappropriate.
I wonder how it got into the local press? They were bound to label it a 'Race Row'. They'll be happy now.
If I'd been christened Rocky, I think I would probably spit a lot as well! The moral is, clearly, Rocky should only pick on white kids.

Interesting comment on there from Rocky's dad.
What person calls a child Rocky? Now Tarquinius (my friend likes to called Tarquin, for the record) is of quite acceptable, but Rocky? (I'm being ironic here).

I tentavely support the Headmistress here. Research carried out into sectarianism in Northern Ireland has shown that young children do start showing signs of prejudice from an early age and it is vital for this kind of behaviour to be challenged as early as possible. I recall it's called zero tolerance. The only question I might ask, having read the boy's father's explanation, is whether the spitting at the 10 year old was actually racist in character or the 4 year old was merely retailating or copying the behaviour of an older child? I presume there are facts known to the school which indicated that this was a racist incident and not merely a younger child emulating the actions of an older child. If the 10 year old has been spitting at the 4 year old, for example, is there anything to suggest his behaviour was racist? Ultimately this matter should not have been reported by the media and both minors' names held back to protect them.

Right, time to don my oilskins before the spitting begins.

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