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Berniephot said:
dont you mean gizzit

10 pint wooden holder, gold plated and engraved little patterns; half inched from an Irish pub in Tromso, Norway. Subsequently, our ships company was band from the pub. The Landlord came around in the end, visited the ship with flyers stating that we are allowed back into the pub as long as we promise not to nick anything again.

That lasted 1 week that time :lol:


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Rabbits are pressies you buy on a run ashore, hence the term going ashore on a 'rabbit run' Not to be confused with the infamous 'postcard run'

Gizzits are freebies donated or otherwise obtained


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BusterQuin said:
Rabbits are pressies you buy on a run ashore

Yes they are indeed, but a rabbit can also be something that's been RAS'd, hence the confusion.

There's two meanings for 'goffer' as well.


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From www.hmsrichmond.org :

Naval slang name given to articles taken, or intended to be taken, ashore
privately. Originally "rabbits" were things taken ashore improperly (i.e.
theft or smuggling - the name arose from the ease with which tobacco, etc.,
could be concealed in the inside of a dead rabbit) but with the passenger of
time the application of the word has spread to anything taken ashore; an air
of impropriety nevertheless still hangs over the use of the word, whether or
not this is justified (it seldom is). Hence the phrase "Tuck its ears in",
often said to an officer or rating seen going ashore with a parcel.

Accept all the above but......
What about a rabbit run where by some illegal wiring has taken place eg phone moved or illegal TV aerial)

Just a thought