Rabbits from Gibraltar?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by SONAR-BENDER, May 1, 2009.

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  1. Mrs Bender and myself are nipping down to Gib in a few days to get some essential swag from Morrisson's and M&S and Next etc, as you do. :lol:

    So, in the spirit of an oppo doing a 'post-card' run for you when you were on duty, doing 9s etc, what would you like me to get for you, if it were possible, from Gibraltar? And why? 8)

    Note to Thingy, Sussex and Ron, Chimney Corner has long since shut down and the trannies / kyties have also long gone, so you cannot have one of them! Sorry! :oops:

    Start your list now! Just send me the money, trust me...............
  2. A Gallon jar of 'Proper' rum from the Pens :))

  3. Thanks so much for the offer. How very kind.
    Frankly cross dressing never did it for me; one of the reasons I am glad not to be in the mob now :wink: apart from being to ffing old that is, well almost! Which may well explain why our kitchen calendar is of the '09 french rugby team sans everything! (available on the internet for those of you interested - now don't all rush at once).
    I'd like an ape though if you wouldn't mind. In particular I want the one I saw tweaking the nipples of a well built young Spanish lady that was annoying him. This was a couple of years ago so his skills may have improved. She got two hard tweaks that may have been appropriate in some dodgy club in Barcelona, but not in front of a group of Japanese tourists.
    He'd be good for a laugh and scare the sh*t out of our batty old neighbour. She keeps nicking our plants and thinks we haven't noticed.
    We could meet at a little watering hole I know in Tarragona. I wouldn't want you to do more than your proper share of the driving :wink:
    All the best and thanks again for the kind offer.
  4. Yeah, and my boxers from there too...... :oops:
  5. Still a pair of my 'trollies' (trousers) kicking about Gib somewhere...a consequence of my 21st there....OOD on the gangway was a picture as I came up the gangway...he never asked.. (good hand)...so I just got off down the mess with the less said the better. Lost my shoes too! Oh well, borrowed shoes and went ashore the next day to replace said items....Another of the worlds unsolved mysteries.... :D And no...I did not have a sore arse.... :p
  6. One of the apes will be wearing a black dress from M & S that my friend bought when she attended our wedding in Gib last year.She did the tourist thing and went to see the said apes after doing her shopping,he snatched the dress a size 14 by the way and legged it.lol She said she would lke it back please.
    A nice bottle of pussers rum would be nice will reimburse the £9 and will even open it and give you sippers!!
  7. I would be extremely grateful if you could pop along
    to the Central Police Station in the Piazza (adjacent
    to the Coach & Horses), and ask those awfully nice
    police chappies if they actually did destroy all my
    mugshots, fingerprints, statements and charge
    sheets when I got lifted out of the Caleta Palace
    Hotel this one time for being fitted up with the
    alleged burglary of the room next-door to ours.
    It was a stitch-up.
    I remember the quote from the Gib CID bloke
    even now:
    "I do not care if you are innocent - WE WILL charge you!"

    (2 nights in their cells - all next-doors "stolen" jewelery was found in a flip-flop in their f***ing shower).

    Ohhhh and can I have two-hundred State Express 555 ??
  8. A selection of now decomished warship photographs from the little photographer down near Ragged Staff Gate please..................
    And a bottle of proper pussers dockyard diesel
  9. If it's possible, I would like the whole of the donkey's flip flop, if you have the capacity to move a whole building
  10. Well, if Jenny's having the flip flop, can I have the Captain's Cabin, complete with a barman who knows how to make a decent JC.
  11. A Laughing Bag & baked spud from friar tucks
  12. Somewhere under the beach at Catalan Bay, there's
    about a dozen crates of Tiger Beer buried for all eternity.
    These crates were placed there when HMS FORTH came
    back from the Far East. We had every intention of going
    back the next day to continue seeing them off - but never
    got round to it.

    They might be a bit past their "drink by" date, but if you
    have a few hours to spare (and a metal detector) - I know
    that them crates is down there....somewhere. :lol:
  13. Tatties well famous for "Chicken On A Fist"
  14. Here's a £1.00

    Go and play the fruit machine in the Agry Friar (for amusement only)


    If there was any proof that Jack was daft as a doodlebug that was it for me

    I lost count of the number of mugs who did that one KNOWINGLY!!
  15. Thank you all for your contributions so far. However, a couple of snags.

    As Gib is not part of the EU, we can ony bring back 2 bottes of booze. Maybe..... So after I have my 2, there will be no spare capacity! Similarly, unless I can find a Barbery Ape that has had all the jabs and has been micro-chipped and has an in date Pet Passport, that looks to be a no-go too.

    I'll try to find all the lost clothing, but I too lost a lovely suede jacket in Uncle Tom's Cabin on my 21st and despite looking, have yet to find it!

    I shall of course have a JC or two, just to check the standard is up to spec!
  16. A pair of shoes floating in Gib dockyard. size 11. Serca 1976. Reason .Cant remember. :oops:
  17. A Secura? automatic watch,(usually dies after a week) so 52 would be nice.

    A chicken and chip banjo.(we used to have banjo fights on the way back to the ship after a night in Sugars)

    Oh,and one of those wall hangers made from black velvet with shiny pictures on them.
  18. An explanation from the flip-flop and the Captains Cabin as to why the Chief stoker and myself were banned because of the previous night without either of us remembering being in either place. Always wanted to know what we'd got up to :oops:
  19. If Charlies Bar is still there and your pants are on the ceiling, please rest assured that the PO Stoker and I will take a photo of the same, and ensure that all evidence of pants is posted here!
  20. Mine would be the red silk pair........(after all, there were quite a few pairs up there last time I was there). :D

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