RAAN Sink USN Ship

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Passed-over_Loggie, Jul 24, 2008.

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  2. I'm sure theres a bloke on the focsle!
  3. It's Seaman Apprentice Leonardo W DiCaprio.
  4. OK, what's the W for?

    (Wait for it, wait for it)
  5. Apparently it's Wilhelm or should it be Vilhelm?
  6. Am I right in thinking that the torpedo works by exploding underneath the target and breaking the ship in two or at least breaking the back?
  7. Pretty close CM.

    Not like the old Mk8 which just made a hole the size of a double decker bus in the target. Mind you having seen the video it looks as if you could have hit the target with a Mk8 anyway so why spend all that cashon a Mk 48, they are seriously expensive, make things like spearfish look real cheap.
  8. Saw something on German TV the other day about the 212 boats of the German Navy, the boats cost € 500,000,000 each (Nutty are you listening?) and the torpedoes a mere € 1,000.000. Granted they are wire guided all singing all dancing but for that money you could buy a lot of "dumb" torpedoes.

    If a Mk8 really makes a hole that size, just how much explosive does it contain?
  9. The trouble with nice friendly things like the Mk 8 with it's 800 lbs of torpex is that although they could still be made, and would still work, unguided torpedos are really whights of the eyes stuff, you need to fire from close enough to ensure that even if he does alter course (and in awartime they will be doing a zig-zag pattern) he cannot get outside the spread of your salvo.

    You can fire from much further away with homing torpedos which considering the effectiveness of todays sonar is a good thing from the submariners point of view. If you think €1M is bad you should check out the price of a Mk48. When they were introduced they were so ex[pensive that the joke in the RN was that the USN had a four strip[e captain in charge of each one.

    Yes a decent torpedo is expensive but then so is a decent missile
  10. Point taken, however even as long ago as the early 90s missiles were so expensive that F4 crews fired one live missile a year. There was lots of practice using aquisition rounds or even unarmed bounces, but that's not quite the same as the real thing. Given the ever increasing cost of weapons, where is it going to end?
  11. I'm glad they're on our side! The USN that is, not the Aussies!

    Of couse if they had brought and ordered them three years before the pound fell they could have had them at £320,000,000 instead of £400,000,000 a saving of £80,000,000 of one extra boat for every 4 ordered. But then the Min of Def is not known for saving money or buy when their purchasing power is at its peak.

    One Astute, now approaching Four Billion or eleven or twelve 212's. You cannot do the business unless you have hulls in the water in the combat zone. Not an argument IMHO. Of course a mixture of both would be the best result.

  13. Out of interest, anyone know the name of the Spruance ship used as a target?

  14. Based on how many were left at the start of this year (5-ish from 30), I'd bet on Fletcher DD992, which was assigned to the ISMF at Pearl as of June this year.

    They've really blown through that class - around 20 have gone in sinkexs in about five years. Those lads really don't want a reserve fleet!

  15. Spearfish trials were stopped in '81 because the Yanks were trying to sell us Mk 48s. We were trying to sell them Stingray in exchange, but for some reason Elmer didn't see the quid pro quo, and just wanted the drawings so they could make their own.
  16. Thanks NaB,

    I seem to remember working with Fletcher and several other 'Spruances' (especially the class lead) in the Adriatic during the Balkans unpleasantness in the 90s.

  17. I suspect the place they store the reserve fleet is full.
  18. Yes, overflow is in Hartlepool :thumright:

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