Hello all,

I'm curious about the reserve AACC questions I have are:

1)are rnr sailors just thrown in to the course without any green skills?
2)When out on ops with the booties are you in the 'rear with the gear' or are you expected to perform in combat as though one of them?

Slightly bone questions I know but am interested to know anyway



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rogerthecabinboy said:
:wink: fair call.

I'll bite:

1. Only if the job requires the Commando qualification.

2. Most RN Commandos tend to be doctors & medics and as none of those undergo the Royal Marines infantry training or the equivalent of the Army Combat Infantryman's Course, we employ them fixing rather than creating casualties, albeit, on occasion, at the sharp end in support of operations rather than shooting the baddies.
Thanks for that, I know they're not the best formed questions on the forums but I have another question if you don't mind

Further to point one: The course sounds intensive but are you taught the basics of soldiering at the start of the course i.e. Fieldcraft, patrol skills, pairs fire & manouvere, contact drills and all that stuff? Or are you brought upto speed with that stuff in unit somehow prior to joining the course?

Thanks again


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Chill out buddy,

So many worries, so little to worry about.

Royal fully respects Jacks bayonet fighting prowess (stems from Cutlass training I suppose). They'll just issue you the kit, show you how to shape a beret ( let's face it, Jack isn't perfect at everything) and you'll probably get a section of Marines to play with.

You'll be awesome. Go for it.

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