RA`s Lament


War Hero
Here`s one for the lads doing.. Port crew, Starb`d crew and other crew.

Life round here is bloody awful
house is dismal as a grave,
Father has a humour failure,
Mother treats me like a slave,
Brother Mike has just been banged up,
following a life of crime,
And my girlfriend`s lost her mobile,
for the 27th time.

The shitta in the backyards blocked up,
how it happened I dunno
Sister hasn’t been for ages
An she’s now starting to show.
Mother asked her “when’s the babyâ€
an she starts to knit a wrap,
But we all know .. she`s not pregnant.
She`s just really full of crap.

Life presents a gloomy picture
of that fact there is no doubt,
Grandma Vera has just farted,
big and loud with lots of clout,
And the dog is not much better,
with it's epileptic fits,
every time he coughs - he farts,
an when he farts - he shits.

Brother John is on the social
He has never had a job
Once I thought that I`d be helpful
an tried to get him in the mob
marched him down to the careers
they told him “let it all hang looseâ€
but he failed to get the medic,
seems he hasn’t got a pulse.

I’m in bed with influenza,
I’m at deaths door… wait and see..
The dog’s just ate my dinner,
an next he`ll have my tea.
Now the cat has brought a mouse in,
at least...she’s got some food
I won’t try to take it off her,
Only puts her in a mood.


I’ll be so glad when it`s our turn,
This one`s been to bleedin long
Lets get back to playin uckers
On patrol where I belong.
Although I put my family first
And that will always be.
Best thing to do, when they get through
Is bugger off to sea.


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