I'm being nosey about R3 but posting this in DL's because it's known she frequents these hallowed halls of wisdom.

I noticed she's scribbled out her name from the list of Raleigh joiners in November and has been conspicuous by her recent lack of comments. Does this mean she's thrown in the towel and decided to remain a civvy?

I know I'm just being a very gossipy old woman but, if it's true she's no longer going to join, I'm intrigued to know what dampened the enthusiasm we saw on this site.

If BR has still got her in his cellar then we'd better send in the STC to liberate her in time for November.


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It's been amusing me for several days that no-one has bothered asking, whilst R3 has been gagging for the invitation to tell all.

Fifty pence says Pontius received a PM begging him to make this thread. ;-P
I'd love to take your money, Ninja, and make me rich beyond my wildest dreams but, alas, I have received no secret messages from any young ladies :sad: I saw she'd removed her name and became curious, especially as we've seen a goodly amount of enthusiasm since she got her join-up date.

I've just seen a pop-up that she's on-line, so I'm sure it'll all be explained soon :icon_smile:
Oh Ninja I know people deal with upset in different ways, even though its now less likely our paths may one day cross worry not :) i saw Guzzler ask the other day but the answer isn't that exciting so I refrained.

Aw thanks Pontius and AAF, i would love to say its something dramatic like i have been selected to be the new member of pink floyd, i met ron weasely the other month and we are expecting gingery wizard babies, the marines have selected me to he a hallowed mattress tester or something. But nein, i applied on a whim for a masters scholarship and because the uni is actually well regarded (not like my beloved pompey) never thought id get accepted. Must have been a slow year for applicants though as i got in, moving oop norf later this year. Being a nerd its my dream course, it was a tough one and still waiting for them to follow up with a 'we're joking love' email. My afco asked if the Reserves would be an option but need to see if i will feasibly have time and that.
Well R3, for all that you have contributed to this site I hope you find the time to stay on board and continue, but in the meantime, good luck with the course and I hope it all works out for you. Maybe your life without limits is simply being postponed?
Well, Rachel, thanks for updating us and for solving this week's mystery. I'll be able to sleep a lot better tonight, especially the way the drop of red I have is sliding down. I'm glad you managed to secure a scholarship to follow the course you wanted and hope it all works out well in the future. Who knows, they may even keep your writer slot open for you for when you're even more nerdy and have an advanced certificate to prove it.

You can PM me if you like and tell me the truth i.e. you couldn't be arsed to run any more and just prefer chocolate to 2.4 km times ^_~

Okay, sun's beyond the yardarm so it's back to bottle of vino collapso :drunken:
She's dead to me, I was waiting to see her avatar changed to one of her in rig flashing a stocking top!

Sorry went into the 80's again, when they wore them.

Good luck R3

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If they have internet up north I'll keep on annoying the boards :p probably won't be much help advising newbies as the application process has already changed a lot since I did it but some of the threads on here make me chuckle.


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"Interestingly" we're meant to be shifting to online applications next week. I'll believe it when I see it.

Good to hear you'll still be checking-in R3, my life would otherwise be without purpose/dolphins. ;-P


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Best of luck R3. Are you going to let us know which course?

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Perhaps sans uniform but with mortar board and gown concealing stockings and suspenders. But Oop North. Hope it's UMIST and not Sheffield. But good luck in what you do. :glasses8:
I'll pm you redmonkey, its a bit nerdy and I fear posting it on here will result in slapsies and having me specs snapped. Hopefully in the future when I am chartered hope to go into Naval historical doings so kinda keeping it blue. JFH i am not letting them down, apparently I laugh in my sleep and where I go my pug photos must go too- saved the mess from being a cross between a kennel and a crazy place. Not sure i could deal with teenage drama again either so saved them from having to pass wind on their pillows on the sly in revenge. And toothpaste in the shampoo just to be a dick.

Thanks bellotom, I bought my last mortar board for the memories and that, left my suspenders in portsmouth along with my dignity and last shred of self respect :( thanks bellotom, you are all very kind. Guzzler can i still come to the extension for holidays and that?