R***T site Down??

Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by Smiffy_the_Shipwreck, Sep 22, 2008.

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  1. Anyone know whats up with the "other" site, keep getting a message it has crashed... :(
  2. Andy has tried an upgrade. PoS is choo-chooing and will not be able to fix it until tomz.
  3. Yup we have a database crash,its being attended to ASAP.The chatroom is still functional.Sorry for the disruption of service but blame it all on Mikh.
  4. Shoot the mny,

    damn that emote does not work here

    Shoot the Doc

  5. No i havent!I found it like it!!!!!!!
  6. Are you arguing with the POS - he who knows everything? Good grief you are going to have to learn not to fiddle - we are on hols for two weeks from Sunday and the Skinny Cat Sitter knows nothing about puters!
  7. That makes 2 of us then.
  8. 01:00 a.m. 5th Nov 2008.

    (At work). I now find that I can see the *Welcome*
    page, but if I try to login (Forums, Chat, Gallery etc)
    it just back-classes me to one large white page that
    says *quote* If you are seeing this then you need to
    go to www.romft.com and follow the links!

    Then its just round, and round, and round ad infinitum.

    Has the site been so finely "tweaked", that us worker bees
    can no longer get any further than Page 1 then?

    Answers to be written on the naked flesh of 18 year old blonde stunner please and posted here A.S.A.P.

    Ta very much.

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