R.N.X.S and Introduction

Discussion in 'History' started by HMS_Troutbridge, Dec 20, 2013.

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  1. Hello all!

    Newbie here just making an introduction and start asking questions.

    I have a deep rooted interest in the RN and associated services, sadly I've missed out on a career in the senior service on medical grounds but I've since dedicated a lot of time to collecting, documenting and displaying Royal Navy kit and equipment up and down the country, primarily from the Second World War and earlier but now moving into the Cold War period.



    If anyone has old bits of uniform or similar they're looking to get rid of please drop me a line!

    Anyway, on to my question and the main purpose of starting this thread, I was directed to this forum from the World Naval Ships Forum as it was suggested there were several ex Royal Naval Auxiliary Service Auxiliarymen who might be willing to share some anecdotes as I'm trying to learn more about the service. I'm also interested in the previous organisations of the RN Mine Watching Service and Admiralty Ferry Crew Association for which I've been able to find little information so far.

    Look forward to hearing from people.
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Welcome to the site. If you type RNXS into the site search box (top right) there are a few threads which may be of interest, it may also give you a few ex RNXS people that you can PM.

    Good luck with your search and use this thread to keep us updated
  3. There's an ex-RNXS bloke on ROMFT, goes by the screen name AAC.

    Website is Login

    He was on here under various names.
  4. Nope, all bullshit. AAC stands for Always A Civvy.
  5. Gotcha !!...........
  6. I wasw a member for 15 years before the service was disbanded.

    There is/was a book

    The Royal Naval Auxiliary Service the first 25 years by John Murray
    Printed by Maritime Books

    You will find this will give you most of the information about the begining of the service
  7. Thanks for the welcome chaps and thanks for the info David, I'll keep an eye out for the book :D
  8. I couldn’t find a suitable thread for wanted items so I thought this one is the most appropriate

    It’s a long shot, but I have been looking for a photo (or better still Video) of the 1990 Plymouth Navy Day river display. I was onboard XSV LOYAL MODERATOR, and during the display I was on the wheel.

    I think that was one of the best week training we had.

    But I don’t think one of the officers on HMS CUMBERLAND was too pleased with his laundry bill after we came a bit too closed in one of the turns, (well, I missed hitting him didn’t I).

    Many thanks in advance.

  9. Hi,
    I served 9 years in the Grimsby RNXS,and I only wish id known about it earlier.
    I started as a Navel Auxilliary Man and ended up as a Charge Engineer and Head of Engineering,
    We had some Great out of area training trips to Holland,belgium and the channel islands.Our main
    vessel was the loyal Helper( shown alongside) we also had Chaser and a P20 exploit.It came as a
    great shock to us all when we were disbanded( I believe to save £6000.000) The Americans new 2years before us
    that we were going to disband!! To sum up they were a great crowd of guys and girls,and I sadly miss them,and the Service. Dave
  10. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    You served in belly buttons back in the day when 'Auxiliary' had an extra L?

  11. May have always been a civie but was a fully trained member of the RNXS.
    He could be a very useful source of info for the originator of this post
  12. And I'm old enough to remember it well!!
  13. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Because he said so?
  14. Well he has supplied photographic evidence of him at his place of duty and seems to be extremely well informed about the service.
    Yes he states that he was Always A Civie, he did Walt for a while but being a member of the RNXS meant that you were a civie
  15. My daughter had a look and tells me there's a copy for sale on EBay £12.99

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