R.M Detachments on R.N. Ships

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by ex-ex, May 8, 2007.

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  1. Anyone got any fond or otherwise memories of this? Nowdays is this a posting to be avoided or looked forward to? I admit that during the 70's I had no desire for the grey funnel cruises but when I was eventually cornered and given a 18 month attachment I had a cracking time which would have been even better had the boat actually worked and left the dock.
  2. My boyfriend had a great time when he served with 9ASRM and has recommended it to his friends. They are mainly interested in the Wrens though!
  3. In 1945, I was chuffed to get a draft to "Defiance", I thought, Big Ships! Little did I know she was a hulk, in Plymouth, and aground on condensed milk cans, known locally as HMS "Ebb & Flow" because there was a board hanging over the bows that some poor matelot had to change when the tide turned. What a story I have told about foreign parts, anybody remember her?
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Try asking the guys on HMS Cornwall, apparently they had a great run ashore in Iran I heard.
  5. And they came home with some gizzits! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    And some nice suits.

    OK Faye only got a stripey Tee-shirt, but she's got enough to buy a bespoke, handmade Iranian suit.
  7. My Father, who has since crossed the bar, served on Belfast during the Korean war. Anyone who has any memories of that tour please let me know. For his sins, he was a bootneck. X or Y turret, not sure. He did spotting ashore and woundered badly from his own observations!!

    I had the wisdom to be a matelot! And a skimmer to boot!

    Sadly, he never forgave me but I always bought the beers for the old war stories!
  8. Grimston
    In the early fifties Defiance consisted of three hulks Andromeda, Inconstant and Vulcan.
    Andromeda launched 1902 as a first class protected cruiser 11.000 tons
    Inconstant launched 1862 as a screw frigate
    Vulcan launched 1889 as a torpedo boat carrier 6,620 tons.
    I'm sure that the Defiance, a wooden ship had been scapped previously.
    All three were towed away for scapping in 1955.
    I was on the Alaunia moored on Battleship Trot when they towed them away.
  9. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I served on Fearless as a signaller, excellent fun loafing around and sunbathing whilst jack did all the work, I'd recommend it, even the wrens were friendly :twisted:
  10. There was me thinking that Booties were there to clean the decks and heads etc :D
  11. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Dont do floors, toilets, ladders or pointy bits of boats :roll:
  12. Just pointy bits on WRENS :lol:
  13. God have i got some dits i could tell you about the mighty HMS Ocean,
    9 asrm and 40, 42 and 45 cdo.

    Put it this way does this sound familar to any bootneck.........Sweating like a wren at ten to two in Jesters??????

    But we got you back with our t.shirts imprinted with........Sweating like a bootneck doing a spelling test!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just wish that when the booties strut about the decks in the early hours of the morning, that theyd at least wear some clothes prefereably even if its just a pair of pants cuz to be honest when im doing my WE rounds at 2am i dont want to see a load of p1ssed up green death waving their manhood in my face!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Please do tell Crystaltips!! When were you on there? I was May 03 to Nov 05.
  15. I was well outside by the time you had joined up, but i was on there '99 to '01.

    However, these stories I could tell, could possibly cause a lot of contraversy so ill just leave sleeping dogs lye!

    But if you're a Bootneck, youll know exactly what i mean!
  16. I meant I was on Ocean 03-05.

    I'm not a bootneck but I live with one. 8O
  17. RM 'detachments' (less than troop strength) are provided by FPGRM now. They're numbers are slowly increasing but the guys who come back seem to love the job out there for the time being.
  18. We had them on the Fearless 84-85, they were ships company obviously, had them working in the MCO and they were a good bunch. Also had a detachment on the Coventry in 97 when we got thrown out Albania at the rush - they caused a stir, the Jimmy had the bright idea of instigating a nightly 'shag patrol' who would quite literally patrol the popular compartments in the hope of catching the culprits having fun. It never last though. Rather amusing though seeing 'Shag Patrol' on daily orders!!!
  19. I think I should change my name to oldfart!!! HMS Kent, County class destroyer. 78-80. Loadsafun and hangovers. However, (always that word) there were other detachments at sea at the time who were not happy bunnies due to the "ambience" on board!!! (I either say it that way or slag off Jack). If a ship isn't happy, for whatever reason, as the minority, Booty detachments suffer.
  20. I remember the RM detachment on Zulu 74 - 77. They all lived in fear of the Colour Sgt. A short arse but he scared the crap out of even the biggest of the booties. Then there was one called Jumbo (for obvious reasons....big and thick!!) He got pissed off with OOW one shift and the OOW ended up in a broom locker. Of course Jumbo got 90 days holiday! All in all they were a brilliant bunch of blokes from the lieut to the ordinanry marine.

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