qweqwe - a friend only I can see

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by wompingwillow, May 30, 2007.

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  1. ok as people who use the chatroom alot know I have been plaged by a mistery chat member that only I can see, when qweqwe appears my computer will freeze up and I will be kicked from chat, anyone who can shed light on it will have my eternal gratification


    It's the one at the very top, usually just one but can sometimes be 2 or 3 ( and no they don't just appear after I've had a drink and no it doesn't tell me to burn things ether!)
  2. Download firefox go into the chat room and see if it appears in there.

  3. Womps, does qweqwe ever type anything or PM you? If so then email/PM site mods/sysadmin. Otherwise alert them when you see qweqwe so maybe an admin can see what IPs are connected to chat. Might be nothing as I wouldnt expect any skilled hacker to announce themselves if they were looking to monitor or masquerade.

    The other thing is do you have a firewall? (dont see one in your systray, only AVG) If not get one immediately. There are lots of free ones, ZoneAlarm or Agnitium will do.


    You might have a trojan or hijacker, scan with anti spyware such as Ad-Aware and Spybot search+destroy(thats AND as different ones find different stuff)


    Also concur with Hig, get firefox (firefox )and see if you still get qweqwe while using flashchat in firefox). Otherwise make sure you update IE7, and your windows is up to date (XP?)
  4. I have firefox WW, and it does work!!

    Bloody heavy breathers.....
  5. Firefox beats Iexplorer hands down imo, but don't bother with ZoneAlarms, its been compromised (as I found out a couple of weeks ago :( ). If you can, get Nod32 :)
  6. question for you :

    why does Craig C appear in the chat on the left, but not in the List of users on the right ?

    Just a thought

  7. And why is there 2 speedkeys? One speedkey is quite enough thank you particularly after he was waving his hampton about last night!
  8. it's a strange one I ventured over to arsse chat last night, eveyone had a moving emote by their names and emotes were being used widely in the chatroom, must have been about 14 people in there and I didn't have any trouble all night with flash or anything else
  9. If you read the bottom of the chatlog he left the room in the timeframe, see byeeee etc.
  10. made another apperance tonight

  11. Graybags, because he left at 8.31 :thumright:

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