Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Greendeath, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. Yeah though I walk through the valley in the shadow of death, I shall fear no Evil. Because I'm the biggest baddest meanest mother fcuker in the valley.

  2. Greendeath - It looks as though you need to get out more!
  3. You sound like a pussy to me G.D.?
  4. Meeow!!
  5. I think it's "yea" and not "yeah" btw.
  6. Still a pussy though!!
  7. Yep a pussy.

    I was still crappers from a good runashore the night before and just wrote something that came into my head. ferk knows what that was supposed to mean though!!!

    He He or Miaw

  8. Hey ! Good man yourself G.D .....

    I get zapped all the time for answering folk on here "after midnight" & 3 sheets to the wind!!

    Welcombe to the club!

  9. Much better than phoning your nearest and dearest and then wondering why they're not really interested in your run ashore and how good the messy burgers were. :roll:

  10. Good to see that despite the early morning rants you can still get out of your pit at 6:30, or are you just coming back to the hammock!!
  11. ahhh the I'm twatted announcements! Ferking genius. Had a burst of it on Friday. Went out on the works xmas lunch do. Most of the people you work with are total twats. "So, lets be open and honest" thinks I and after a few wines I tells them what I thinks of them (whilst nicking and drinking everybodys free wine).

    Then I stagger off into the night approx 20.00 local to go home. Falls asleep on the train, wake up in chester. Have a scoop and get the train back getting off at the right place. Get a chinky get home, tell the wife what I've done and how great I am.

    HOWEVER... At some point between the chinky and home, I managed to piss meself, and fall over. I also, in my boz eyed state, dropped said chinky on expensive table and I seem to have fucked it up as one of the legs seems to be doing an emergency breakaway... Chinky all over the deck, wife choppy.

    Gets to work this morning (having had monday off) and its sea state ******* 12! Apparently I told my boss that he is a nice guy but an absolute c**t at work... and I appear to have made some kind of suggestion about pouring my AFFF all over the young lass who is on work experience.

    Could this be the first alcohol related outburst of xmas (unless GD's valley of death was due to an xmas binge)?
  12. I got the drunken your young enough to be my daughter and if you were I'd still be bathing you at my unit Christmas do... Not quite the same level but enough to make me avoid him and mistletoe!
  13. Remember !

    During the Christmas Celebrations, Don't Drink & Dial !

    The Laydeez don't like it !
  14. Quite tame that Sweeney at least you didn't grope the Boss's Mrs or get into a fight :lol: :lol:
  15. Or perhaps worse grope the boss.
  16. True enough. Its also been black catted by somebody else in our dept last night.
  17. Funny this. I went out last weekend and got absolutely crappers. At one point I was performing on the dance floor, as you do, when I slipped over on my arse. I paused for a while before I sprung up and back into action. Thankfully I never spilt any beer as my pint was waiting near by to quench my thirst. Can't remember getting home, only remember the missus winging the next day because I left the key in the door and I left the front door open all night.

    No sense of humour some people have they!!!

  18. Wot, no minesweepers :?: :D :D
  19. Nope, no mine sweepers. My wet pint was waiting for me inside my oppos palm. Experience I guess!!


  20. I reckon you must be psychic Greendeath. I saw that statement on a poster situated in the Co's office of 764 NAS more than 30 years ago. Try a quick search on Google.
    Why do so many have to resort to plagiarism when they post a good bit of prose? Pity they don't admit that they didn't write it and try and give the credit to whoever the author is. In the case of not knowing a simple ANON would suffice.

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