Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Stirlin, May 29, 2017.

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  1. Yes it is far too easy to answer quiz questions with the net at your fingertips but it is a bank holiday
    and I'm bored .

    Q , Who has been inducted into the Rock & Roll hall of fame on three separate occasions.
  2. Pass off for a family BQ on a beach, if I can be bothered.
  3. Eric Morecambe?
  4. Chuck Berry?
  5. looks like Mrs S still not we'll, looks like tip runs.
    Rod Stewart
  6. It is Eric Clapton , Yardbirds , Cream and as a solo artist.
  7. Next.
  8. What is a spur lash?
  9. SPUR LASH is the noise that an item (usually of irreplaceable value or rarety) makes, when disappearing over the side. Not just Splash...but a resounding, Spur-lash. Always caused by substandard knot tying...
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  10. My surname is Moss , find the English village of Moss.
  11. Why? Has it gone missing again? :eek:
  12. my own quiz is over beach for BQ, no tip runs, most of day wasted
  13. Can't be the Rolling Stones, then......
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  14. Head south down the A19 and turn left at Askwise.
  15. Was I not right then stirl?
  16. Now you have me confused with Mark and I asked the question.
    You mentioned Morecombe in the first question , the direction for Moss I gave was turn left at Askwise ,
    it is of course Askern.
  17. Clear as mud! :D
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