Discussion in 'History' started by BillyNoMates, Dec 21, 2011.

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  1. Probably be answered almost immediately....but what exactly are our grey-flannel friends doing in this photograph? First correct answer gets to fondle Santas sack.

  2. This was a cunning cold war plan to drop oversize super absorbent tampons into the great soviet vodka lakes of Kirsk, thereby depriving the Red Army of it's marching juice and thus it's offensive capability.
  3. Ahh ... now this is an easy one ... taken mid Atlantic by a deck hand on a spanish trawler ...

    Remember when you were in the Med anticipating the Christmas Mail drop and the crabs said it was lost in BFPO .... well here ya go ....
  4. After those long 22hour patrols, could they be the elsan toilets ??
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Spitting fenceposts?
  6. Ah yes, it's the RAF REGT's crack AOADDW (Airmobile Operational Airfield Defence Delivery Wing) dropping in a APBK (Air Portable Barrier Kit). The barrier, which is man portable (gen), can be erected in 3 weeks flat by one of their 10 man specialist assembly teams commanded by an Air Vice Marshal. They are so covert, their sub unit's details are not promulgated.

    Each member of the these hand picked men (the creme of the RAF REGT - one of the big three) drives his own WMIK and has a personal chef at his disposal.
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  7. Ummmmmm - Sonar bouys??
  8. 3 at once?
  9. Dunno! We just used to hide from them, but they were/are dropped in patterns.
  10. I'd expect a bit more spacing, if only in the region of a thousand yards or so. Of course, this is the crabs, so perhaps they're just FUBAR.
  11. Looks like a mail drop to me, circa 69/70 Beira patrol ?? :scratch:
  12. ...Is the correct answer. BZ and Happy Christmas!

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