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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sinclairmic, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. so i passed my RT yesterday for warfare spec. Im 16 and have just left school, i wont be getting my GCSE results until the 27th of august. Im wondering when i have the certificate of results am i able to still hand it in to the AFCO so the grades will count for anything eg officer before i go any further? Im expected to get 13 GCSE'S A* - C a few B's mostly A's and the odd A*.

    cheers mic
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Ask your AFCO
  3. If you are bright enough to get that many GCSEs at levels A to C ten my advice is to continue at school and gain enough respectable A levels to give you enough UCAS points to be considered for occifer entry.
    It's only two years and it is easier to enter as an occifer than to get promoted after entry as a rating.
    Wish I had been that clever as a kid :p
  4. I passed to joing the RN in february, turned 16 in Jun and joined in September. I joined as a Tif though, I had to pass certain GCSEs at C or above. I do believe you have been hasty though, especially if you do well, every one knows, dabbers(warfare specialists) are thick as pig shit. ;)
  5. I must of been not your normal Dabber then Mac lol
  6. So your a senior rate and your calling dabbers(warfare specialists) "thick as pig shit",i wonder what they call you behind your back ,lets see now ,how about "knumb nuts with a big mouth" or may "mushroom Tiffy",fed shit and kept in the dark,what do reckon to "peanut dick" 8)
  7. Nice bite :)
  8. :D I reckon i bit but it feels good :D
  9. Must have tommo, must have.

    But I'm sure you weren't :wink:
  10. sinclairmic,

    By passing your GCSE's alone it is not going to make a great difference to your options. It will be very dependant on what score you got in the RT. After the test were you briefed on what score you got and any other jobs that you could have done?

    The only jobs that require just GCSE's now days are CT and DSA

    SM :)
  11. lol f*ck

    Everytime :lol:
  12. i was not briefed about my score or what other options where available to me, should i have asked. i knwo a few people who applied for other branches got high scores but were not informed of other options open to them. im happy with the decision ive made even if warfare specs are known as thick as pig shit. And im sure if anyones going to get anywhere they will.


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