Quit whilst your ahead


Hopefully one of you IT boffs will be able to link that address to the actual page...fukced if i can.

Anyways, seems like some TA pongoess dripped about harrassment, took the MOD to court, was offerred £60k and £125k costs to fukc off, she turned it down and was awarded £6983 and may have to pay a large proportion of the costs.

She has said that she will donate the money to H4H..pity she didn't take the £60k.

She's from Canvey Island....say no more. :?
My understanding was that she was employed as a driver for the CO, against the advice of other members of the unit (due to her having already sued at least one employer).

Weird that this story doesn't seem to mention that. I suppose I could be wrong (it happened once apparently- but I'm sure they're mistaken)
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