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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, May 21, 2011.

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  1. Just before I left Australia to live in England in 1963 the local paper the Adelaide Advertiser ran an article written by a visiting English Journalist, that questioned the Australians culture, or lack of it.
    He sited an incident to prove his case that Australians had no sense of propriety or etiquette.
    He had been out in the scrub and saw a paddock (field) gate with a sign hung on it that bore the legend, "After use shut the bastard gate". He had asked the cocky (farmer) why he did not be more polite when hanging the sign and assured him politeness always won through.
    A few days later he passed the same gate, only to notice that the cocky had complied with his suggestion and rewritten the notice, which now bore the legend "After use shut the bastard gate". "Please".

    I recalled this story after an incident took place up here last week.
    I have three sides to my family, the British side through my dad, the Australian side through my dads uncles who went to Oz in 1910 and started a line there and also the Australian line through my mom who's family settled there in 1931/2 from Germany.

    A recent visit from my cousin and his son brought back the naivety of the Australian vocabulary as compared to the way it's "done" over here.

    We were in a very large group out enjoying a meal/drink in a local pub, where the gathering was predominantly female.
    My cousins son when seeing a young lady of his acquaintance enter, stated to the whole pub "Jeez has she got a great mappa tassie.
    My sister looked daggers at me and his dad, so he said "Son don't shout things out like that, you're in England."
    "Sorry" he replied and in a very audible whisper he stated, "God she has soft pubes."

    And F. Gallah if you find yourself out side St. Morris's school or Norwood parade, just say g'day to the guns for me and ponder on the fact that is where most of us "crow baits" became the gigjams we are.:laughing2::laughing2::slow:
  2. Was that "English"?
  3. Tamworthese I think, not much difference from Oz speak.
  4. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Is Rum Rats' alcohol intake in line with Oz time! Otherwise I would have thought it a tad early to be wrecked!
  5. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Makes sense to me RR...Saw a photo of the Melbourne Cup a while back, lady in a gorgeous dress and hat, the guy in a Top hat. great cravat, Tail coat and JEANS.....Only in Aus.
  6. :thumright::thumright:....................................................
  7. AG surely you of all people would understand the concept of the International drink line, set at right angles to all date lines to make drinking a 24 hour activity.
    Other than that you're a drongo, and acting like a bitzer.:-D:laughing2:
  8. My first wife came from Lichfield so we were married there. Now my sister is moving there due to job relocation. Right next door to Tamworth. Am not looking forward to any more Staffordshire sayings.. :-(
  9. I don't speak Stafford/Tamwornese (Sandyback) that would be the war office....Youth.
    All the waffle in the OP was strictly "Crow eater.":pottytrain2::-D:laughing2:
  10. I hope the ducks never spoilt your wedding.:-D
  11. Thing I remember about Aussie was the small beer glasses they had in '58 one drink and the booze was gone.I went up to the bar and asked if they had any pint glasses,they told me no but they had jugs.
    That'll do I said and went back to start drinking from the jug,barmaid came over and told me I was meant to pour the drink from the jug into the small glass.Feck that I thought and drank from the jug.
    I remember the beer was crap.
    Also I was asked to sing at a big dance hall in Perth,the DO warned us not to get sucked in to the Aussie argument re. us leaving them in the lurch when the Japs attacked never mind about losing the Two major ships.
    After singing I went to a party with my guitarist mate and up it fired,why did you not help us?
    My mate lost it and cracked his guitar over a wingers head.
    Happy days.
  12. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Speaking of the beer. Same period 1958, walked into Young and Jacksons in Melbourne, just to check on 'chloe', the painting above the bar. Bought two schooners of beer, put one on the bar and started sipping the other, bugger me it was cold. The barman asled who the other was for, I said 'me when it warms up', the poor sod almost collapsed in shock.
    Last edited: May 21, 2011
  13. Aye, New Zild also has a confusing amount of glassware for beer consumption.
    7oz (Ounces in an otherwise metric nation is a nice touch.) glasses for drinking from jugs (Mostly glass up to about 10 years ago now all plastic.) or if a big thirst on a 12oz glass.
    Next comes the schooner more for lagers and other poofs/girls beers and finally the pint or handle galss, cos it's got a handle mate! The Olde English dimpled pint glass is rarely seen.
    Irish theme bars and some boutique type bars serve in a straight pint glass.
    Wine comes in bottles or cardboard boxes with a plastic bladder inside.
    A Kiwi chick I know, Mrs NZB, and her mates used to buy a Chateau de Cardboard on a Saturday PM, rip off the cardboard packaging and then hide the bladder on their persons to sneak it into clubs, pubs etc for a cheaper nights drinking. Disgraceful!
  14. Errrr.....better not M8.....why do you think I'm hiding all the way down here....the much used phrase...'If I give you a lolly will you come in my car....give me the packet and I'll come in your mouth' caused no end of problems.
  15. Nah, the wife did that ...

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