Quickest way to transfer to Regulars?


Hello all, apologies if this has been asked before.

I am currently in phase one RNR, and I am looking to transfer to the regulars once I finish my civvy apprenticeship in a year. I was wondering if the process of transferring is quicker than just applying regularly, or if you have to start from scratch with a new application?

Also, is it better to have finished phase one before I join the regulars, or should I just apply as soon as I am ready to?



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Always a convoluted one, this.

In short, unless you have completed RAL and done a heap of other stuff the RN are going to send you back to RAL for the ten week course, come what may. Don't be under the impression that a year RNR is going to allow you to by-pass any of the RN training pipeline.

Each applicant is viewed on his/her own merits, and your apprenticeship may be taken into account, especially if its going to be branch specific on entry. There is just too many variables to give any sage advice on here. Sorry.

IMHO, one for the AFCO, I am afraid.