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Heard lots of good replies while im the mob but my favourite was when I had a discussion with my Leading Hand about the England 1966 World Cup squad.

I remarked that Gordon Banks looked a bit Chinese.
Quick as a knife the reply came back "Thats why he has Number One on his back!"

Full marks to Alfie Bower for that one! :lol:


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Early 90s, Hecla.
Dabber*1 is showing his oppo a picture of his new pash.

Dabber*1 "The picture does'nt do her justice"

Dabber*2 "The f******* US Supreme Court could'nt do her justice"


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Dabber 1 to Dabber 2 on an un-named Leander in the early '90s, discussing who is the best looking Wren onboard. Dabber 1 mentions one in particular, to which Dabber 2 replies: "Feck off! She's so ugly even Sea Dart wouldn't taker her out!"


A crab once reported this to me:

Young SAC walks merrily past Female Lieutenant...
Female Army Lieutenant: "Don't you play compliments in the Air Force?"
Young SAC: "Sorry Ma'am. Nice Tits"

A quick way to end up in the slammer apparently.

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