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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Whizbox, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. I'm pretty certain that I want to join the engineering branch, but purely out of curiosity, which branch of officer gets promoted quickest ie Warfare etc? or is it purely on merit within your certain speciality?
  2. Are you looking to join as a rating inititally or join as an officer? I am pretty sure (although of course double check) that you need a degree to be an engineering officer, although to join one of the engineering branches as a rating you don't. The answer to your initial question about promotion will differ when what you're intending to join as is revealed! Either way i cannae help as i am only in the application process myself, but making the question clearer may help those in the know give you the answers you require.
  3. I'm planning as joining as an officer with an engineering degree don't worry i've got that bit covered
  4. OK then....................
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  5. My read for fast promotion.

    Be a total pratt, think only of yourself and shit on as many folk as you can whilst climbing that ladder to fame and fortune.

    Or, be really good at whatever career path you choose. Treat people under you with respect, they can't all have engineering degrees, and communicate - even the bad things. (People deserve to know).

  6. And remember when climbing the ladder to fame and fortune ... be careful who you kick on the way up .... coz on the way back down (and that comes to everyone) they are going to kick you back!
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  7. Whizbox

    Do you already have a degree in Engineering or are you applying to read Engineering at Uni at the moment/already studying?

    Which particular subject?
  8. Whizbox - there has never been a better time to join the RN as an engineer officer. Promotion prospects are good and we have a lot of new kit inbound. Ther are also financial incetives in place for degree qualified people. PM me if you need more information.
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  9. I am currently in year 10 at school so this year is the year where I start to look at options for sixth form, I'm considering welbeck or a sixth form scholarship. Engineering is what I will be doing with my life regardless of being in the armed forces though I'm sure about that but the navy provides me with a change from the norm and to follow my families traditions would be great
  10. Do yourself a favour and don't go to Welbeck. Being 16 and at college is hard enough without getting the Armed Forces involved.
  11. Undergraduate study at one of the DTOEES institutions might suit you, Whizbox.

    Defence Technical Officer and Engineer Entry Scheme (DTOEES) — Defence Technical Officer and Engineer Entry Scheme (DTOEES)

    Which kind of engineering appeals to you, by the way?
  12. I'm torn between air engineering and weapons engineering, air because i've always loved the idea of aircraft (RAF, no thankyou, I want to work on ships) and weapons because weapons are something which has always interested me, but I understand that weapons also includes communications and general electronics, but that is also fun and my favourite part of physics at school (Which I am predicted a high A*)
  13. Whizbox, weapons also includes CIS, sweeping up comms, information management and electronic warfare. The CIS branch has recently become part of the Weapon Engineering branch for management with full intergration planned for 2015. CIS is now seen as an engineering function and is very much a growth area. Like it or not the outcome of any fight in the future will be dictated on how we handle information both internally and externally.

    Having visited Welbeck and the DTUS units, and being constantly engaged with them, I can recommend both. They are very much focussed on producing the engineer officers of the future but do tend to be 'green' orientated - this is part of building leadership and management skils, don't be put off by it. Witht the right attitude it will be fun. Welbeck do have open days which, since you are in year 10 would be worth attending. Welbeck/DTUS and direct enrtry undergaduate schemes both have their pros and cons - the end result is the same - well trained focussed engineering officers having a rewarding career.

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