Quick question.

Just a quick one, I'm aware you're allowed to visit civilian GP's in times of leave, but what is the low down on prescribed medicine? Do you need authorised permission and if so how would you go about it?
If you're ill, and can't get to a Service Dr (which includes an Army or RAF one), then go see a Civvy. You can claim on JPA for any charges for prescriptions, but you may have to go see your MA/MO when you return off leave (if only so your doc's can be completed).

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If sick on leave, you should report to your nearest Seevice medical centre (RN, Army or RAF). If this isn't possible then register as a temporary resident at a civilian GP surgery. If you are prescribed medication then note down what it is and let Sickbay know immediately on return. CDT could otherwise be an issue, and it's very unwise to have 2 doctors looking after 1 patient and not communicating with eachother.

Civilian GPs cannot "sign you off" as unfit to work. They can say you are unfit to travel to a Service Medical Facility, but you have to be pretty crook for that to hold water.

In a previous job I found many "unfit to travel" personnel and "encouraged" them back to NELSON. The Reggies were more than happy to help!

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