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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by cricket00, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. hi... just a question about the coat hangers is it best to take wooden ones. also should i just take all the same or a couple of clip hanger ones for my trousers. Not long now wooo :). Cheers
  2. No just a hammer and a few nails.
    They love improvisation at Raleigh, sort of stops 'em feeling they've seen it all before.
  3. A hammer is not needed, his Iron has more than just the one function...but it's advisable to leave it in his locker on the swim test day.
  4. thanks for the informative info guys. p.s im a girl.
  5. Girls are expected to wear tousers!!? They'll be getting the vote next!
    Take a variety, wire, wood, collapseable and or nails, nobody ever failed for trying too hard you know.
  6. In that case make sure it isn't a very heavy hammer/iron.
    If an item is not on the kit to bring list, I would think it a strong possibility that it is not an essential to bring.
    If you feel that any omissions might be required as "extras" then feel free.:-D
  7. ok cheers for the reply cough
  8. I would do something about that cough, you've a medical to pass.:laughing2:
  9. Definitely take wooden ones, wire and plastic ones are a nightmare to polish.
  10. I got my mate to knock me up a couple of carbon composite ones, they are awesome and can take the weight of pretty much all my clothes. They weren't cheap but I was the envy of the whole division.
  11. Yes I've known men kill for coathangers.:confused5::evil4::sad3:
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Spot on, erm sort of.

    I just took a 5 litre pot of varnish to save polishing/cleaning anything.
  13. I just stole mine from someone's open locker, cheaps as chips.
  14. So your really known as bollock boy the coathanger man
  15. They probably hung his bollocks on the coat hangers.
    Not just any coat hangers, wooden or wire ones, no,..carbon composite hangers from M&S.:laughing2:
  16. I nicked mine off Peanut.
    Sorry "fuckina Peanut", you blitish lankers.
  17. Porkies, his cousin in Pompey collected debts owed by Jack, so you nicking his coathangers would have you in his curry instaed of one of the feral Sembawang cats. :laughing2:
  18. On the subject of coat hangers, take a wire one and some pliers. You can make yourself a nifty little gadget which hooks around the pipe in the shower at Raleigh and holds the on button in place, that way you don't have to press it in every 5 seconds while you are trying to have a dhobi. The back classed lad in our division was worshipped like a God after he taught us this magical trick.

    Of all the things I learned at Raleigh, for some reason that is what sticks in my mind most.
  19. I still have them with peanut dry cleaning crystal clear on the side.
    Seems his cousin was a bit remiss.
    But then again we had Dabbers Bro, so no probmento.:-D
  20. The dit as I heard it, oriental gent enters the Fleece in Commercial Road and has a good look round all the punters, comes back 30 mins later and spots his prize, ''Yu owe cousin Peanut 30 dolla dry cleen'', victim is stumped and hands over a fiver.

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