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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ellio, Jun 21, 2010.

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  1. it states on the navy website you have to do 2 and a half years after the end of ur phase 2 training before u can put ur notice in...
    does this count if u r joining from the age of 16
    or if u joined at 16 does it count from when u turn 18 ive heard alot of different thing...
  2. The return of service starts from when you complete phase 2 training. If you are under 18 then you can leave anytime upto your 18th birthday.

    Everyone also has a 6 month period from entering in which they can leave. After the 6 months is passed (and your over 18) you have to complete your training and return of service.
  3. even if u completed ur phase 2 when u was 17?
  4. You're not even in yet and you're worrying about getting out?
  5. I just asked the under 18 in my mess. He said he's never heard of getting out whenever you want before 18. I heard from a bish on my RNAC you can get out if you're VERY unhappy with the RN.
  6. ive been in nearly 2 years...
  7. ...and not met your DO or found the UPO yet?
  8. how do recruits get access to internet while on basic, is it through there phones?
  9. How is this relevant?
  10. Is it through where phones?
  11. thought id ask
  12. :lol:
  13. I thought he was 2 i/c Stingray?
  14. Not going to get your kit done with a mouse and keyboard!!!!

    As for porn, pop to the Naafi

    As for Facebook, grow up!!!

    Internet banking, dont need money, kit and food is free!

    Its only 9 weeks? Crack on :D
  15. My bold. No and no.

    "Nuts" is the closest to porn and the food is £4.13 a day taken from your wages.
  16. £4.13 a day? Jesus, I can get a fortnights worth of grub in for £25.
  17. Taken from BR3 Part 4 Chapter 12 on the Royal Navy Website since I don't have access to MOD BR's this time of night (http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/upload/package/68/br3book/ch12.pdf)

    1214. RN - Shore - Unhappy Under-18s
    This discharge category applies to ratings/other ranks whose six month discharge
    option point has passed but are still under the age of 18, and it is considered that they are so
    unhappy with Service life that it is unlikely that they would ever settle down.
    Candidates are
    not to be processed for re-entry until a minimum of 12 months has elapsed since their
    discharge. Candidates may then be processed and each candidate considered on their
    individual merits.

    My bold, Every under 18 that comes in saying they want to leave are normally given time to think about their decision and talk to people (chaplans, parents etc) but if they are still sure they want to go, they normally get to go.
  18. I was asking because some people post on here whilst at Raleigh not because I want to use the internet while I'm there
  19. Rikleigh - I got you the first time around. Very good point.

    Zoidberg - before you start to dit on from vast Navy experience, I think the gist of the statement was free at point of eating, ie you don't need to get money out all the time.

    The simple answer is in the BR as quoted - just consider that you are currently in the RN, and therefore have a job. Not many of them about in Civvy Street at the mo, and unlikely to change in the near future. However, we are approaching a stage where we can be more choosy about who is recruited and if you leave because you are "unhappy with the Navy" then you may have bother re-entering the RN when your Civvy plan goes to shit. And now you'll say "I don't want back in" but I've heard that one a few times before. The lure of a guaranteed salary and benefits is strong.

    There's my divisional input - I suggest you see your own DO or DSR, like you're supposed to do.
  20. But how are you supposed to survive without daily access to the goldmine of useful information that is this site? 8O

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