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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by burnsy85, Dec 12, 2009.

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  1. what is the procedure for going from the rnr to the full navy?

    i.e do you have to do your pjft and swimin test at raleigh etc.
  2. Id like to see you try and tell the club swnger that one!! :twisted:

    Even if you do pass the RNFT and Swim test before you go id do it while down there even if its just to stay as part of your division. Nothing makes you more of an outsider than watching at the sidelines with your "i did it before" chit.

    With your PJFT you do before Raleigh then no you dont as far as i know.
  3. yer be all meens i would do it again even if i have already done it. i was just wondering what the procedure is from switching over from rnr to full navy?
  4. ChrisJ09 a PM. He's going to be doing it soon.
  5. Dr Z

    What's the latest re your joining the mob?
  6. Welcome back.
  7. Thank you. x
  8. We missed you Sol, we had to fend off all the newbie Q's and not having your master of tact and diplomacy some of em got burned.
  9. Same as :wink: :wink:
  10. Thank you Scouse x
  11. Yeah welcome back Soleil.

    We did get worried
  12. Thank you, Tommo x
  13. Thank you, StixJimbo. x
  14. FFS - get used to doing the test on a regular basis anyway!
    I left the RN 25 years ago, went back and past the test!

    Viky-verka; If you want it - do the tests and stop bleating. You've no doubt passed them once before...
  15. no ones bleating about any thing!
  16. ok, accepted.
    Why the apparant anxiety about fitness?
  17. what you on about who mentioned fitness, all i asked was do you do your pfjt an swim test at raleigh if you have already completed them for the rnr! notin to do with my fitness levels at all it was just an enqury.
  18. Welcome back Sol. As you can see from the way this thread is degenerating, you RR needs you.
  19. tell me about it

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