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I recommend that you PM Angrydoc

He knows the crack about all the Medical stuff, as he is in Service

he might know if it is a bar, best bet to do is contact your AFCO as they will give you the difinate answer.

Do you know where your closes Branch is

Good Luck


Are these pins as the result of a fracture? are they just in the femur (thigh bone) or through the joint? What branch would you apply for?

If its after a fracture and just in the thigh bone, one year must have passed since the pin was fitted, there must be no deformity and you must have full mobility and function of the leg. If this is the case you would be P2 (fit military service)

If it involves the joint of the pelvis and femur, you would be classed as P8 (unfit military service).

This is lifted from the Joint service publication regarding entry medicals. but let me know more gen mate and i'll get back to you with a more accurate answer.

thingy said:
Worse still you could develop severe pins and needles during make and mend! :wink:
Even worse than that the pins could turn into NAILS, and then you'd be................ooops wrong forum, you would become screwed. 8O :oops: :D
ive asked angry doc and he said if all is well i will be ok and i would like to apply for met because i am currently doing a hgv apprenticeship programme

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