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hey all, can any of you tell me what the RM think of 29 cdo RA and how often they get to go out and do all the infantry things like the rest of you marines, thanks.


thanks for the replies, you see my problem is i dont know whether to join 29 cdo or join up as RM straight away (if i joined up as RM the specialisations that interst me are aircrew, driver, armoured support, or Reconnaissance Operator) could you guys and gals give me advice on which path to follow bearing in mind that i am only 16 so i have plenty of time to get fit for the marine, thanks again


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I joined at 16!!! no poncing about as a junior leader, straight into big boys training. concentrate on getting your green lid first then have a look around and see what the corps has to offer, your preferances may change.


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29 Cdo are excellent blokes, trouble is if you wish to go that route you have to do your pongo stuff first and it will be three - four years before you will be elligable for selection for 29.
My advice is get stuck in asap and go for RM


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The answer is easy I guess. The Royal Artillery guys are good lads. However, the have to do the All ARMS Commando course to earn their green lid. I've never heard of a bootneck wanting to transfer to artillary, so joining the Corps should be your goal. Unless, of course, you want to have a bigger gun!!

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