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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by eyeballjon, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. Just a quicky about training in the RM.
    Duing the training in the Marines do you learn how to skydive. I know its a stupid question, but i havent really been able to find a true answer and it driving me knuts.

  2. Skydive, No.
    Muffdive, Maybe ;)
  3. some troops do jump training.

    certain specialisations, and apparently some troops do as well for 'flexibility of insertion', according to the RM site. probably recce troops and shit like that mainly. but it aint standard because the RM are part of the NAVY.

    you could probably do it as part of adventure training if your lucky.

    if your so bothered about doing it look at the para's (but at the way things are going, you'll probably end up doing a couple of jumps, and then none until you go into action)
  4. Looks like not anymore if all para training in thr uk ceases for 5 years as suggested.

  5. Thanks Guys. Big help.
    Its not that I want to do the jumps it’s that im Shiite scared of them, but i do have a feeling i will love it to bits.
    Just really wanted to know what to prepare my self for.

    Again thanks guys

    And Lamri i'm way into training for that;)

  6. PMSL @ Lamri

    FFS, why do potential Recruits keep asking stupid questions about the Corps/RMR.

    If your really considering joining the Royal Marines, wouldnt it be more beneficial to ask questions relevant to training. You know, things that might actually help you prepare for the course!!

    Eyeballjon - if you want to "prepare yourself", stop posting fckn stupid questions on here and get your arse out training!!! If/when you pass the Commando Course, then you can worry about whether you will get to Skydive or not.

    In answer to your question however NO, you will not learn to Skydive as a Bootneck (unless its an adventure training course or you join the Corps Skydive team).
    ML's and the like attend the basic military Parachute course at RAF Brize Norton. This is the same course attended by members of the Parachute Regiment (remember Parachuting and Skydiving are two totally different things!!).
    The only people with a requirement for Military freefall is UKSF, pathfinders etc.

  7. well being scared of jumps is normal.
    in fact there are several ex SAS and UKSF soldiers who admitted to being nervous before they jump for a mission, even though they have hundreds of falls of experience. fear is basicly your body saying "hang on a minute...are you sure this is ok?". it goes against all your instincts to dive out of a plane at 30, 000 feet, and the experience of fear goes a long way to keeping you safe. if your nervous, you'll check your chute really well, quite often. just like if your walking on a plank of wood 50 feet up, with no safety ropes or anything, your fear makes you REALLY concetrate on not falling off. if you werent scared and ran across you would probably slip.

    nobody normal doesnt experience fear. i bet quite a few people get a bit shakey doing the tarzan assult course. its just about how you deal with the fear.
    i think you should expect to be scared in RM training, its just about having the balls to overcome it.
  8. My biggest fear was missing missmusters!
  9. Spenny, ease up on the lad. If he want's to join then he can ask all the daft questions he wants. I dare say that he is blasting the phys and should do well. To want to know more of what is ahead of him however is only fair. especialy as the RN web site won't tell nack all. Anyway best of luck to him I say.
  10. Just as dangerous without a ripcord.

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