Quick Question - what to take with me for an RT!

Evening all, hoping someone's still up and about-

I'm heading in for my RT Tomorrow, been revising and practicing, but had to postpone my date for a week or two.. Last time I spoke to the recruitment office I was asked if I had the list of everything to bring with me, but now on searching, I have found the letter's gone..

What do I need to provide on the day of going in for the RT? Not had any formal interview yet either, just a chat with a careers liason.

Help!! :thumright:


War Hero
Proof of ID & the following documents if not already provided,

Birth Certificate,
NHS Medical Card (or proof of number)
National Insurance Number (or proof of number)
Educational Certificates
Driving Licence
Any additional forms given to you by your AFCO for completion & return at the Recruiting Test.

Good luck Lofty!
good man, proper quick reply too!

Most appreciated. In the job i'm in now, I don't get any real free time, so keep having to postpone the interview - finally got in for it, feel that preparation time would be beneficial!

Thanks for the assistance, I'll start digging out the bits and pieces. :thumright:

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