quick question on sa80s

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by philcom3, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. This may sound dumb but ill let you decide.

    do we carry ,each and every sailor, a gun for ourselves on-board ship? if not then why are general sailors tort gun handling ? just a bit confused.

    other than the cool aspect of it i don't really see the point. how often do sailors and AETs and so on and so forth required to use a gun like the SA80 during there deployment or even during a war? i thougth that was the gunners job...

    anyway shot me down for my stupidity :violent2: :violent1:
  2. Only Bootnecks will handle SA80's, You will be issued a cutlass.
  3. haha now that i would love:p iv got an axe and sword with dragons and everything:p id love one hahahahhaha

    pity wish i was going for officership... sword drill :p
  4. In the British Military a 'gun' has wheels and fires a shell.

    An SA80 is a RIFLE.

    As to you're question, no idea. I was of the impression each ship carried a certain number of rifles for mounting guard, and in case they have to deploy armed rates ashore in dire, horrible circumstances.

    Matelot with a rifle, what a horrible thought ;)
  5. haha sorry i just always thought guns where anything u could carry whether it be a pistol or a machine gun like a law or a rifle .. to sniper rifles, i thought guns as you call them were artillery or plane old cannon/.

    very scary metlot with rifle... epp run haha

    oh and that gun is a thing with wheels thing..
    its a bit like knots aren't knots they're hitches and bends ..

    scarier thought a bendy hitched up metlot with rifel 8O
  6. A rifle is a firearm in which the barrel is rifled. I'd describe that as a series of grooves in a...spiralling?...parttern. Causes the bullet to spin and that somehow makes it more accurate.

    Hooray for technical explanations.
  7. I think you need to be tort/taught some spelling, maybe when you join they will issue you with a dictionary instead of a rifle.
  8. Because you are on the outside looking in, alot of what you see or assume will not make sense. There is a reason for everything believe me. Matelots get taught how to use a gun for a reason. What you need to do is come to some sort of understanding with yourself that all these things will be explained in great detail when you get here - you will not find all the answers to every question on a forum. The Royal Navy is a military organisation - therefore it follows that military personnel will be called upon from time to time to use small arms or hand guns. And as for gunners - try looking for the job spec for 'gunner' on the RN web site. :roll:

    Did you know, for example that there are more Naval personnel on operations in Afghanistan than army or RAF? Those Naval personnel aren't driving up and down in Helmand in a bloody gun boat...they will be using small arms, or at the least will have received the relevant training to allow them to do so.
  9. My Bold: Utter and complete bollox.
  10. Perfectly reasonable question. Yes every matelot carries a 9mm pistol or SA80 at all times in case they are attacked by another member of the ship's company. Some of the stronger lads prefer to carry a GPMG but this can get in the way when you are going for a shower.
  11. If you were lucky you could sign out one of the ships shotguns if they had any on board so you can hold up the NAAFI
  12. I beleive that nowerdays you may be asked to hold your "oppo's" whilst he is in the shower, but you won't be able to manage the weapon and the gun. :twisted: :oops: :oops: 8O :D
  13. You'd also find a lot of militry types would shoot you down for calling it an SA80. The SA (Small Arms) 80 (for the 80's service) is generally referred to as the Rifle 5.56, due to the size of round it uses.
  14. Up until fairly recently quite probably true, or at least very close.

    3 Cdo Bde is a Naval asset and has, from the last time I was aware, about 65% Naval and Marine complement.
  15. That shoite was from the ol' army days (Green Jackets) and from the little time I spent in the TA signals after - but granted I havent met many marines and my experience of the navy extends to the RNAC (and I have to say the PO who was conducting the weapons aqquaint lesson did specifically say to the class not to refer to it as an SA80) - but that said my saying "lots of military types" might have been a touch of an exaggeration. I stand corrected :lol:
  16. Thank you Karma. Much appreciated.

    2 Deck Dash - I understand that you are ex RN and therefore perhaps aren't quite up to date with some of the more recent news/activities that the RN takes part in or gets involved with. My comment was an informed one - not just a throw away wind-up post for the OP. Your comment 'Utter and complete bollox' may indeed be exactly that - feel the irony.
    Have a nice day.
    Hope this helps. (HTH).
  17. I thought they were still called muskets :oops: 8O
  18. Issuing a "SAILOR" a "GUN" 8O it never happens so forget about the SA80 and is it a rifle or a gun.

    That is as dangerous as issuing a ossifer a map :lol:
  19. I Have my cutlass at my side allways,one never knows when some nonz, nozz,steward,or writer who i had the absolute joy to scream at will search me out and try to slott me, :D
  20. Thank you I am having a very nice day. Correct I am ex RN, However I am now serving TA and as such have a fairly up to date understanding of what is currently going on in Afghanistan.

    So lets see shall we: There are currently 9000 British Troops from all three services in Afghanistan. There are 3 Battalion sized units in the Royal Marines making up 3 Commando Brigade (40, 42 and 45 Commando,) two of which returned from Helmand Province in April after Herrick 9. Along with the Commando Logistics Regiment and a few other small Royal Marine units they make up 3 Commando Brigade which also incorporates an Infantry Battalion from the Rifles, a Regiment of Royal Artillery Gunners and a Regiment and two independant Squadrons of Royal Engineers.

    So even if all members of all three Commando Regiments are in Afghanistan (which they currently are not) their total strength of 3 Regiments added to a few other small RM units, the Fleet Air Arm contingent and a handful of other RN personnel does not equal half of 9000 which is 4500, therefore it does not exceed the combined number of RAF and Army personnel currently in theatre.

    Therefore I stand by my original statement.

    Hope this helps.

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