quick question on RMR to RM transfer

Discussion in 'RMR' started by SOOPAMAN, Jun 9, 2009.

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  1. I have read on a few topics about RMR transfering to RM and I have found out that it isnt strictly possible.

    A friend and I are going to college and are wanting to join the RM's when we finish.
    We want to join the RMR in the mean time.

    My question is if we do join the RMR and pass the commando tests etc and win our green lids and then after finishing college join the regular RM's would we have to do the commando tests again during the 32 weeks basic training?

    or would we just have to do the 32 weeks training and sit out the actual tests and gym/bottom field pass out etc having already done them and passed them?

  2. As far as i'm aware you have to do the whole R.M training again but you are allowed to wear your green lid whilst your doing it oddly enough!!
  3. Yeah I figured you would have to do the 32 weeks, does this include having to do the commando tests again?
  4. Yes
  5. thanks for the info :)
  6. If you are in the RMR and have passed the Commando Course and have a Green beret, You do not need to retake the Commando tests. You can just sign on with the regular corps. Plenty of RMR ranks have done it and are currently serving on Operations with the regular Crops.
  7. Yeah thanks for that but it wasn't the question he was asking. I have it on good authority that if you transfer from the RMR to the regs you have to complete the whole 32 weeks although your allowed to wear your green lid as you go through with your troop
  8. I'm a serving regular and no you don't have to do the full 32 weeks.
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Just to add to the fray, and possibly clarify/identify the cause of confusion:

    If you join the RMR as an Other Rank & complete RMR Commando training (on average it takes 18-24 months, but 12-13 months is theoretically possible), you may transfer to regular Other Rank RM Commando. Prior to deploying operationally you would normally join a Commando unit in time for about 3 months Optag before actually going operational. You do not undergo 32 weeks RT if aready a fully trained RMR Commando.

    Only about 10-12 RMR Other Ranks complete RMR OR training each year in the whole of the UK, so the odds are very few will actually join the regular RM as a trained rank. If you aren't trained, you start from scratch.

    If you are a trained RMR OR & subsequently take POC & AIB and start regular RM Officer training (about 2 or 3 people manage this each year), current practice means you undergo officer training as a Blue Beret Young Officer however this is under review at levels well above my payscale.
  10. In which case this has changed. In my day (sigh :roll: ) you could do something called an SSS which is now known as FTRS i believe but if you decided as a trained rank to join the Regs then training was done from scratch.
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, you are spot on with regard the Special Short Service engagement into the regular Corps, in fact it is still in the current RMR reference book (BR 63A). SSS still exists in specific areas (SQ's/TQs), but only for fully trained RMR Commandos. It says that the SSS engagement was to gain regular service experience & after one year of SSS the individual may apply to transfer to regular RM.
  12. Ah right. I thought SSS was a redundant term for us old sweats although it was quite common within the unit i was in. At the time of G.W1 lads deployed on Op Haven with 40CDO, there were lads like myself in 42 and others floating around Condor. Then there were the Shakey types but i only tended to see them later on when i played with the grown-ups!! :D
  13. In my question I wasnt referring to doing an FTRS
    I was asking if I had completed my commando tests and won my green lid whilst in the RMR and I decided to go to a careers office and sign up for regular service, would I have to do the 32 weeks basic training that all regular recruits do (which I am guessing I would) and would I have to do the commando tests as part of the 32 weeks basic training again (which im guessing I wouldnt having already passed them - but Im not sure)

    I hope this clears up the meaning of my question.

  14. The answer to your question is no.. :D
  15. Your sure now??

    8) :D
  16. I think we've established that..lol

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