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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by watch_the_birdie, Jan 17, 2009.

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  1. Hello all,

    This should probably be in the AIB thread but i'm looking for a quick answer and it's not actually about AIB itself.

    I am looking at applying through the officer route (Air or Warfare probably) and I have been informed my initial enquiry "interview" (I've been told informal chat) is in very early Feb. I am looking at getting through the process as quick as is humanly possible.

    Anyway, there is a possiblity that I may be going away from mid Feb to mid April, and let's say the reason I would be going away would include very valuable experience to get a chance to taste life at sea in a more-than-civvie way. I can't really go into anymore than that.

    Now saying I manage to get the paperwork filled in before I go, I would then be away for 2 months after this. How does this affect getting through all the things I require to get through? (including possibly Cranwell FATS too). I'm not p!ssing off on holiday, far from it.

    Will it really delay my application? I just wondered if I stayed in the UK, it would take a few months for everything to go through and get FAT/AIB dates etc anyway?! Also would such time at sea experience also be looked favourably at AIB or is it a waste of time in that respect? Bearing in mind I have an army background, not Navy.

    Hope that question makes sense. It's just I need to kind of make a decision about whether to go away or not on this asap.

  2. You can't do that and then not tell us where you're going
  3. A little thing called OPSEC I'm afraid! Sorry.
  4. Good one. You're going on an acquaint visit.
  5. The only way to really find out is to tell you ACLO. To be honest, just an outsiders perspective here, I do not think it would be a major issue, as my experience is that it took longer than you would be away to get such things sorted anyway.

    As I said, talk to your ACLO and you would probably be able to arrange your tests to start as soon as humanly possible after your "jolly" on the high seas. As to whether or not they would be useful, well certainly knowing that you have sea legs is always good! Anything you do to try and get more of an idea about a life at sea and a life in the RN can only be good, but I don't sit on the AIB! Best of luck with your application, Warfare is the way forward!
  6. Yep. Totally. :roll:

    P_O Thanks for your input.
  7. My application is taking ages! Everyone wants in ASAP and they have brought in a new system which is causing further delays (so im told).

    I had my "informal chat/interview" in Aug/Sep time last year and all i have done is my medical and PJFT, i still have FATs to do and AIB.

    Going away probably won't delay your application any further

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