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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by OhSoCescyBaby, Mar 14, 2010.

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  1. Once you are in the Royal Navy and receiving a monthly salary, do you pay tax and N.I.?
  2. No, all earnings are totaly tax free and no NI either.
  3. Thanks mate.
  4. And expenses are much the same as in parliament.

    Home to Duties are never checked if below £300.
  5. Can I ask? "Home to Duties"?
  6. No need to ask they are paid in cash in a brown envelope usually at a motoway services
  7. By all means.
    Every time you leave home to travel to your duty, and every time you leave your duty to travel home, you are entitled to claim an allowance which recompenses you for the inconveniance of having to get off your fat arse.

  8. Haha;
    So you pay for stuff then they reimburse you for it?
  9. BRAIN DEAD please I cant cope is the you of today so stupid
  10. Spoilsport :roll:
  11. Great English there mate...
  12. I am the you of today.
  13. You idiots
  14. Aw diddums. :roll:
  15. I come on here to gain more knowledge about not too serious topics and I get idiotic answers...Nothing better to do boys?
  16. So you think everyone in the country should pay tax and NI apart from the forces. :roll:
  17. I never stated anything of the sort. I was merely asking a simple question which would of required a simple "yes or no" response. Instead I get some smart arse being a prick...
  18. Are you mates with D-Runner?
  19. Nope, never heard of him. Why?
  20. Had a funny feeling that you might be, that's all. Just realised that he's from Scotland anyway so nae bother pal.

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