Quick question about paying off foreign


So I have been given my next appointment and it looks like I will be paying off foreign due to the ships current program.

I don's have facebook so I cant just ask around on there, was wondering if any of you guys & gals know what airline the RFA tends to book tickets with (that is me assuming the RFA/HRG use a standard line not just the cheapest) or failing that what the weight limits on luggage tend to be roughly.


Lantern Swinger
last time I heard anything officially (pre PCS issue so not sure if it has changed) is 46Kg for Officers and 35Kg for crew.

The reality is most airlines will give you 2 bags (of 23kg) in the hold for your ticket. However occasionally, for connection flights, baggage cannot be pre-booked for some reason (it happened to me joining ship in the US) and the RFA will only allow you to claim back the cost up to the official allowance.

Email your appointer or search your emails for a copy of Task 6, baggage allowances should be spelled out in there.