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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by philcom3, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. I'v looked on the royal navy website for what this abbreviation means or nickname I found killick and things like that on the site but not "WUFOO" what does it stand for? Also are there any others I would stand well knowing for when I join?

    quick edit: I'v also searched on here before any smart alick points it out with the top right serch an on the rrpedia too.
  2. That, rather pedantically my friend, is not strictly an abbreviation but more an acronym. :D

    You couldn't possibly have confused WUFOO with WAFU perchance?
  3. I wasn't sure whether it was wafu or wufoo so it must be wafu, also i wasn't sure if it was an abbreviation or a acronym. Oh and iv also searched google obviously as all good googlers do. SO a quick it means this will help me, i know its to do with the FAA and im not sure but maybe AETs but other than that i don't know.
  4. How they get Senior Member of The Senior Service from WAFU allways baffled me?
  5. sorry you have lost me there JFH :S
  6. WAFU is a nickname for personel in the Fleet Air Arm used by RN personel that should have tried harder in school!!!
  7. Wafu means Wet And ******* Useless - it is a ref to AET's
  8. Chockheads,
  9. POET(MESM) (is that the right construction?) that was hanging about in the Leeds AFCO for a bit told me that all of the FAA are "Wet and fuggin useless". :)
  10. Whenever i see or hear the word WAFU "anorack" automatically flashes through my mind,i wonder why,biggest bunch of gayers i have ever met, :wink:
  11. Perhaps "WUFOO!!" is the gay mating roar of the rather large and slightly retarded Aplha Wafu??
  12. Could be could be,theres OD`s and proffs in all branches and i made some good oppos on a particular draft i was on (Culdrose),jepp theres me admiting that i had oppos in the FAA,well whatever next, :D 8)
  13. My son joined as a WAFU (AET), I keep him in the cellar now :oops:
  14. :D :lol: :D :lol: nice one WreckerL
  15. Wrecker,

    All that money you saved whilst sun dodging to send him to a good school obviously paid off!!!
  16. You could be a Aircrew and be a dope on a rope, Seaman Spec- Pond Life, WAFFUS are okay

  17. why try harder in school? i would have thought it requires a high level of intellect and skill to be a AET? or any other member of the FAA? i would have thought working on a helicopter gas turbine would be a lot more precise and delicate than a massive diesel engine or something? or patching up great holes in ships? and i would have thought it was a bit harder flying a harrier than a ship or patrol boat, no offence to those that do i can imagine it must be very hard and risky, but still?? seems a bit mean is all i was thinking to that comment.

    edit to add: that means they had to have tried hard in school ,no? or am i wrong?
  18. ok thanks chris

  19. Toshei brendan498, 8)

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