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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by heathen86, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. hello every body, i'm currently going through the recruitment selection and am wondering about the eye test involved in hindsight i should have asked the career advisor but i didnt think of it at the time. i know my eyesight isn't perfect as i used to wear glasses for long distance reading and to be honest havnt been back to the opticians in years. i don't suppose any of the regulars on here might be able to give me a heads up on how this may bar me?
  2. I think you may be excluded from entry to the Where's Wally branch..
  3. thats crule but sooooooooo good
  4. :lol:

    It all depends on what branch your going for, They each have different standards...

    I think :roll:
  5. I had my eye test just before christmas.
    The guy at the AFCO told me that certain branches have different standards.

    My standard was VA2. Which was not the 'top' standard so to speak, but just below that!
    Good luck :)
  6. Thanks haggis, i guess i didn't see that post in my searching.
    Ideally i would like to go for MCD or the hydrographic, meterologial and oceanographic specialist as they fit what i studied at uni. i know i'm fit enough for the MCD but i get the empression its got alot of people trying to get into it and the waiting times after basic will be a nightmare. Guess i've got to see how bad my eyes actually are tho before i get that far. Thanks for the good luck.
  7. Edited before sir notices I've been playing up. :D
  8. now that was crule but good
  9. What's this 'crule' you speak of?
  10. good point its just funny then :D
  11. Maybe try reading when you're going to be staying in one place, or on shorter journeys.
  12. heathen

    When you say that "the waiting times after basic will be a nightmare", what do you mean?
  13. From what i gather i may be completly wrong is that if i get through the recruitment selection i would be sent to Raleigh or Britania for basic training and then sent through after that to the more specific branches. but my understanding is that depending on the branch i may have wait longer and i'm impatient, i know i'll be itching to get on further into it. so they'll be a nightmare for me especially if i'm reading that post right that a diver is 24 months 8O i'd rather just keep going with my recreational diving when i can than have to wait 2 years.

    i'm trying to think of some sort of witty comeback to these comments but it's just not happening i'm still trying not to laugh at the reading for shorter distances one.
  14. Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth for Officer training (Not you brainbox).

    HMS Raleigh for Ratings training.

    The waiting times per branch are for when you start at Raleigh for the first time, they don't train you a bit, send you off to pick your arse, then bring you back again.

    Have a very good look through the RN website at the descriptions of different job roles, trawl through these forums and go in and see the staff at your nearest AFCO. The longer you wait before going in and getting the ball rolling, the longer you will wait.
  15. heathen86,

    With regards to the WS(HM) profession, eyesight is definitely a factor; how much of a factor, I can’t say. Call your AFCO. :)

    All the best.

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