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I was over paid LOA for 2 months which was around £1088. Which is fine, I accept that I should have realised sooner. Anyway, they paid me, now want it back. Fair enough, apart from the fact it is absolutely crippling me.

You pay a lad, he's going to spend it isn't he? Especially when he's just moved his family down here, his missus is trying to find a job and he's supporting everyone and paying out the arse.

So I guess the question is, can I reduce the amount I pay each month. I know it's 4 days pay or so, which is lovely, but I could do with maybe 1 or 2 of those days pay if I'm honest. It's not like I can leave before I've paid it off.

Not sure who to contact, or if it is possible?

Thanks for any help if anyone can provide some. Otherwise the next 4 months are going to be a killer.
All I know is the max they can take off you in one go is £250. I know you can talk to the writers and mate able to reduce this to smaller payment over more months

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Only going by what my office told me when they were taking money back off me for over payment.

If I was told wrong not my problem :)

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But then I also know each upo doesn't sing from the same hymn books as well so wouldn't surprise me if I was informed wrong

Every turn of the shaft is a new adventure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
But then I also know each upo doesn't sing from the same hymn books as well so wouldn't surprise me if I was informed wrong

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Which is why I always recommend people to check the books themselves.
Only an NPD goes up to 50% (crown debts, court fines, Compulsory Child payments through the court system, tables and the like,), which this isn't.

For a GPD, the maximum that can be taken out in one go is 4 days of your gross pay (salary/365.25 then multiply by 4). If it exceeds that, then what you'll get is 3 three things appear on your pay statement:

LOA Arrears -00.00 (Whatever the amount is)
NPD 00.00 (As above)
NPD Arrears -00.00 (As above)

This is supposed to act as a marker to say that you'll be starting to pay back the amount in stages a month after next pay day (So if it's January, you shouldn't start paying back until March) and then at a rate of 4 days pay per month until cleared.

If you want to repay at a slightly lesser rate as it's causing financial hardship, ask the writer to pass you up the chain if you feel you're being fobbed off with an answer. You should be wanting to speak at around PO level because of the circumstances. Also, pm sent.


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On a serious note having had received the princely sum of £2.50 one month after overpayment back in the 90's I always check my pay statement to make sure all is well. It is not hard these days and anyone who doesn't shouldn't complain when it goes wrong.

Were you do need to be careful is once you have informed the UPO make sure they actually action it. If more money than your standard monthly pay (you do know how much your standard monthly pay is? Never rely on your allowances) arrives in to the bank account then put it to one side.

LSA is the regular one to catch people out with.
They all use the same JSPs mate, there are no regional variations to this; if in doubt check the books yourself before accepting an answer from the professionals.
I know they should all use the same JSP's mate. However when Collingwood's UPO said something different to Excellent who said different to the ship UPO maybe they don't read the JSP's themselves.

At the time, I didn't know any better and did as I was told because when I enquired about it, I got a dressing down from the Killick writer at the time on board. Only later to find out from another writer in a different UPO my thoughts were correct.

So you can see why I said it.
Fair point SJRM_RN, I'll take that as I'm not in a position to check BRs from where I'm at.

Personally, I think having fully civilianised UPOs was not ever a good idea, as they've been less likely to chase up pay related stuff and place fare more importance on the now practically non-existent P-Files. After seeing them not actually carry out the correct actions on too many Service Personnel and it's been left to get sorted out between the uniformed services and JPAC (I'll be fair to them here, they're usually very good), I have to admit that I'm quite distrustful of the civilian UPOs.

But re-iterated, read it the JSP's first and armed with all the references you think you need.
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Agree with you there, and about civ UPOs, I had shocking service from one particular Civvy run UPO to the extent that it took months for the staff at CTC to sort out my pay when I was drafted there.
I can hold my hands up when I cock up and I think the problem with the civilian UPOs is the lack of visible accountability when they've made a mistake detrimental to a service person's allowances, if I or another writer buggered up we can be visibly hauled over the coals for it and I think this is one of the underlying reasons why civilian UPOs are generally distrusted as a collective whole. There are, to be fair, some cracking civilians within the offices, but they're badly let down by their colleagues who are too quick to dismiss or slope off the problem to the next unit to deal with.

I would like to think that, the above aside (as I'm not peaking into stuff and am not really in work mode), I'm generally damn good at my job and proud that I run a very, very tight section whenever I'm in charge of one because I get left alone by the section supervisor to run it how I see fit. I know there's a lot of my colleagues who don't go above and beyond, but I'd hope those are few and far between. Happy to be corrected though.
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