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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Thenzon, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. Firstly, new member to the community and I would like to say hey. :wink:

    Anyway, I have a quick question regarding being an Officer within the royal navy. I have been thinking about joining the Royal Navy but have noticed that for training to become an officer requires a UCAS points tarrif of 180. I know it also requires GCSE / Other grades but i am concerned about the UCAS points. My question is for joining as a Information systems engineer officer is it possible to enter from a UCAS recognised college course? or is a full degree required? I'm currently studying a computer based course at college which offers UCAS but have noticed on the site that many courses that offer UCAS points are not accepted.

    If anyone could help or try to help I would appreciate it very much, I thought it may be a good idea to try and find a bit of information before I was to discuss with the local career office. Thanks :)
  2. Hi Thenzon!

    Welcome to Rum Ration!

    What do you have in the way of GCSEs, AS Levels and A Levels so far?

    What is the title of your current course?
  3. The RN website is usually quite clear. It says the following for your branch:

    Qualifications: A recognised first degree in a computing-based subject, 180 UCAS points and five GCSEs (A* to C)/ Scottish Standard grades or equivalent, which must include English and maths. For more information on UCAS please call us on 08456 07 55 55.

    Doesn't look as though it's an either/or for the degree/UCAS points. There are bursaries available for Uni, but they don't offer many - a handful each year I think.
  4. Hey guys, did not mean to troll the forums but i saw alot of mentions about officers but couldnt find much in the way of IT related jobs.. anyway

    To be perfectly honest My GCSE results was preety poor, but Im currently gaining key skills level two in english and maths, and if these were accepted then I would have 5 GCSE at A*-C grade,

    Because of this I spent my first year after school doing a BTEC First Diploma in ICT gaining merit level, which I have now progressed and into my final year of the BTEC National Diploma in ICT.

    I know its all a little ambitious, but am just curious in wether I would actually be able to make it into BRNC with my current course end grades (provided i get the required tarrif, obviously)
  5. hey, What I mean about this though is I was reading throgh the transcript on one of the online questionaires that the navy opens to people, and they mentioned something along the lines that most of the officers did not need a full degree unless it was in engineering, for example WE, ME etc, although im not 100% sure
  6. Having read your posts I would recommend resitting GCSE in English.
    Your command of the English Language is to put it bluntly Piss Poor.
  7. But your preference is an engineer officer ? There are branches that don't require a degree, I don't think warfare or logistics do
  8. Just to follow up, I went into the AFCO, and even though I got an A on the RT, they said I would need top grades on my course because it wasn't A-levels, basically. If the course you are on is a BTEC or equivalent, don't just settle for the minimum amount of UCAS points, you need to really shiny out of every orifice you have.
  9. Thenzon

    Would you consider going to University to do a degree with a strong computing element to it?

    The problem is that there are certain jobs in the Royal Navy where you really do need degree level knowledge just to get on the first rung and this is one of them.

    Your options, as I see it, are:

    1 Accept that the role you have in mind requires high-level and very specific qualifications and go all out to get exactly what is required, even if this takes you three or so more years.

    2 Look at the Officer roles which don't require specific degrees and see if you would be happy in those. (Make sure you fulfil the GCSE and UCAS point requirements, though).

    3 Consider rating entry.
  10. Thenzon
    Why are you doing Key skills and not GCSE qualifications?
    From other posts on the subject of becoming a Royal Naval Occifer it seems that the RN are not interested in any other qualifications other than GCSE and recognised University degrees.
    It may be that you are wasting your time on key level skills when you should be concentrating on GCSE subjects.
    Finally with such a low level of Education what makes you think that you are occifer material?
  11. Most college integrate it into the course and add a 30 minute exam. It's a lot of extra funding for a little work.
  12. If that's what it says, then that's what they want. It's part of attracting the highest caliber candidates. Can you do an IS degree with your BTEC, out of genuine interest?

    If in doubt, give your AFCO a call, it's what they're there for.
  13. Yeah its part of my course, and I know my english is not great, but I was just curious about the UCAS without a University Degree scenario, I wouldn't be applying for a long time, Just wanted to discuss the situation with others first before going into a career center /presentation evening.
  14. out of interest are you in the navy at the minute?
  15. What did you think about my suggestions, Thenzon?
  16. Just out of interest Sol, why are you so relentlessly affable?!? Your patience is stronger than Mugabe's grip on power.
  17. yeah was helpfull thank you, but just wanted to clear up a couple of questions I had in mind about the Officer requirements. I tend to be abit lazy on puncutuation and grammar on the internet as it shows.. :)

    I would probably prefer to enter as a rating, but was just curious that the education wouldn't be going over everything I have done at college already :)
  18. The 5 A-C GCSE requirement is not flexible, 'key skills' and other such recent creations which claim to have an equivalent GCSE value cannot be used to make up the missing qualifications.

    Further to this you WILL need 180 UCAS points from your A levels and it appears you haven't done any of these.

    The specific branch you have mentioned (Information Systems) requires an IT related degree, again your merit qualification in ICT will not be acceptable.

    What is it about officer careers that appeals to you? Have you considered any of the many rating roles?
  19. Yeah I have been looking into the Rating roles, I was just curious about the ucas points (+ the merit qaulification holds no relevance anyway as it was only the first diploma)
  20. I was just wondering whether you might like the look of these:



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