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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Waspie, Sep 8, 2008.

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  1. Hi, just found the site, what a revelation.

    People who talk like me. Superb.

    Well I'm an ex WAFU and proud of it. Fairly thick skinned, I work with a few ex 'dabbers' so I have to be!! :money:

    Hope to contribute to the banter etc.

    One suprise, no on line uckers, shame on you. :evil4:
  2. Hi Waspie! What did you do as a WAFU? And how ex are you? :p
  3. 14 years -ex!!!

    And as WAFU as they come. Started life as a grubber. Then changed to Aircrewman. Best move ever made.
  4. Kinnel Scouse has got an oppo at last :w00t:
  5. OK - Who's Scouse?

    Or rather what's Scouse?
  6. Just another member,

    Unless slim's talking about something in navy language, then i don't know.
  7. He is usually in the FAA section :thumright:
  8. Well he was an REM(A) working on Buccs, but he sold his birthright for some shiny wings. :toilet:
  9. What did scouse do? Like, when he got into the FAA.
  10. Raut 37
  11. Drink/ Trap/Study the Nags/ and as many early chops as possible :thumright:
  12. Yep, thought as much.
  13. That would be me then - missile aiming I mean. Did a spell sorta 'pinging' but 819 - does that count!!!!!!

    (86 then 97 BFT myself, post RAUT.)

    Now 'RAUT' is my grubber era. 771 - WW7's Wx1's & 5's
  14. :thumright: serviced the sonars 194 on board the Vic for 814 Sqd Wessexs Before Raut and also 195 sonar 737 sqd Sea Kings, just before end of engagement. Got my wings on 771 Wessexs Before drafted 829 Sdn Wasp Hms Danae ships Flight( bad news) :thumright: Nothing beats Lossiemouth working on Buccs with your oppos :thumright: :thumright: and the PU we had :thumright:
  15. Scouse, just had a butchers at your RAUT pic on the ACA site. Only face/name I recognise is Alfie B. Is it true he had gills? :nemo:
  16. proper aircrewman :thumright: He could pluck you out of the Oggin!! SAR :thumright:

  17. Scouse........when were u on 829?
  18. Welcome Waspie mate. Should have told you about RR but havent seen you on Romft for ages.

  19. 70/72
  20. ah b4 me, 76 thru 81

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