Quick Help please! Essay for BRNC

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by GPZ_pilot, Aug 27, 2008.

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  1. Hi, quick question for all those going to BRNC this sept

    im currently writing my essay, but ive left my booklett at my other parent's house and ive forgotten is the upper limit 600 or 650?

    can some one please lemme know ASAP.

    cant get the booklet for another two days, and have only got today to write up the essay as i dont have any other free days.
  2. ...eh....?
    Phone a friend?
    Phone your parent?
    No other free days? What could be more important than a BRNC essay?
  3. whats more important than a BRNC essay?

    BRNC fitness...

    still got a bit o work to do on that one.

    haha, thought id ask on here anyway, as im sure someone will know.. if not, Ninja will know.. he knows EVERYTHING!! lmao
  4. Pls see PMs.
  5. "Autobiographical Highlights; A Reflective Account"
  6. I wrote mine at about 0300 the morning of my planned arrival at BRNC, having had a damn good night out in Tiger Tiger in Pompey before!
  7. just write 600 then
  8. The limit is 450 - 650..

    I think mine is around 595.
  9. cheers guys, much appreciated.

    on the final paragraph now XD should be done by 14.00

    see you all soon XD
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    ..... or was it 6,000 words? Can't remember.
  11. 650 words?! That'll make a change, more used to 2000...

    What's the essay on? I'm hoping for BRNC in January, but the longer I have to think about it the more time I have to cut down on the word count!
  12. thats the pre-entry essay
  13. "The English Language: my part in its downfall"
  14. lol, my thoughts after looking at my handwriting :s
  15. Bugger, when are you sitting your FATs?
  16. haha, my bad

  17. lol, I meant Bugger as in the user, but cool anyway.

    I'm currently trying to get a sixth form sponsorship, and to do that I need to pass FATs and the AIB, which could well be early-mid next year.

    Considering I'm only 15 it's all quite scary and stuff.

    Did you make it in as a pilot then, GPZ?
  18. LOL (Not) Great to see the Ossifers to be are well aware of the 6 Ps. Hopefully GPZ won't be expecting to turn up and muddle through, probably does though.
  19. Get a steward to do it.

    (After he has poured you another gin).
  20. Don't worry NZB - they get it beaten into them in the first 7 weeks, probably by week 3 they'll be hanging out of their arses thinking "hang on! Perhaps Sooty, CADO's, ADO's and sea parents were right"

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